Friends of Carmién


With fynbos gin no longer a stranger to gin lovers, distilling our favourite rooibos blends with gin was inevitable for Carmién Tea.

Carmién Rooibos Gin is a modern, refreshing drink with a smooth triple distilled citrus gin base. Two handcrafted styles are available, Citrus Chai Rooibos Gin and Floral Berry Rooibos Gin. Each a beautiful balance of gin and natural botanicals, providing a classic initial top note of juniper and citrus on the palate with a lingering undertone of chai or floral berry. Read more here


Strategic partnerships with like-minded commercial and Fairtrade producers, e.g. Bergendal Farming Operations, led to the foundation of Bergendal Rooibos in 2006. Bergendal Rooibos is the exclusive Rooibos drying, pasteurising and packing facility for Carmién Tea.

The processing facility is located on the farm Bergendal, in the Piekenierskloof Mountain range. 95 Farm workers have 50% shares in Bergendal Rooibos. CP van Zyl Trust has 25% shares and Carmién Tea has 25% share in Bergendal Rooibos.


What started as a family business 35 years ago has grown into a formidable company, thriving through successful partnerships with key international and empowerment stakeholders, acquisition of farms, development of new generation orchards and the application of cutting edge, best practice technology.

Our partnership with Bergendal Worker Trust as well as with the Mouton Workers Trust, Emgro, ensure that 626 workers with about 5000 dependants have shareholding in any Carmién Tea product. Carmién Tea actively supports community development on shareholder’s farms.


The story begins on a wine farm. Not just any wine farm. Mientjie Mouton (nee van Zyl ) founder of  Carmién Tea, grew up on the family farm Bergendal on the Piekenierskloof Plateau. It started with parents that settled on this rugged, undeveloped  mountain ridge with fruit farming, dry land vineyards and rooibos tea, partners in the first Citrusdal Wine Cellar, now known as Piekenierskloof Wine Company.

Today the pioneering van Zyl family is still in the wine, food and rooibos tea business. Yes, Carmién Tea! Numerous joint events pairing wine, food and tea led to distilling our tea into two unique fynbos gins which now forms part of Piekenierskloof wines’ selection.