#RooibosRecipe: Energy Seed Bars by Carmen Niehaus


These bars are packed with almonds and a variety of seeds, ideal for a quick on-the-go energy booster and the perfect lunch box or work-out treat. A big bonus is the rooibos powder with its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which add extra goodness to the bars by helping to boost the immune system. The added…

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#RooibosRecipe: Portuguese Custard Tartlets by Carmen Niehaus


This is my take on the popular Portuguese tartlets that are quite similar to our very own South African milk tart, except they are flavoured with a sweet syrup slowly added to the filling before it is baked. I prefer using phyllo pastry and make the syrup with a Zesty Lemon rooibos tea syrup, brand…

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News from the Farm: March 2022

As our harvesting season is drawing to a close, older tea fields are in the process of being cleared so that oats can be planted to restore the soil biome. Our estimated rooibos yield per ton will be in the region of 2,5 ton per hectare. The good rains and cool weather conditions we experienced…

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