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A Feast of Festive Scoops

Chill with your favourite tea. Yes! Now in easy to make ice creams or you can turn yours into a cocktail with a kick! Beat the heat this summer holiday with our delicious range of festive scoops. Ice creams and popsicles that will make your mouth water. Watch the videos below: Watermelon and Strawberry Champagne […]

Trending in Tea

Heart disease remains the number one killer in South Africa after HIV/Aids. While Rooibos tea is known to relieve respiratory conditions and lower high blood pressure, research has also found that drinking rooibos can prevent the liver from storing excess fat around major organs. That certainly makes it worth drinking your 6 cups of rooibos […]

News from the farm

The severe drought situation in the Western Cape had tea farmers very concerned during the planting  season but the miracle of Rooibos tea way exceeds its health benefits. The rooibos plant is also unbelievably hardy! The little plant is under stress before it even gets planted. Apart from long travelling distances to the farm, they […]

Carmién recycle project launch

The last school term of the year has started and we kicked off day one with some fun. The long awaited (and quite a few trials later) recycle card project was launched at De Meul, our largest community centre. Sometimes our best laid plans go awry as there are so many people involved. This was […]

Summertime is holiday time

Summertime is holiday time. Treat yourself to our delicious festive summer drinks! Start with tea and end with champagne! Summer holiday loose leaf tea is a combination of green Rooibos and green Honeybush with a mix of forest berries, mint and watermelon giving it a lovely aroma. Apart from being naturally sweet it is super […]

Tea and chocolate. A perfect pair.

Carmién Tea is pairing up with Winston&Julia handmade Artisan Chocolates. Carmién tea is not just about producing and selling Rooibos tea . Our aim has always been to give our customers a full taste experience in creative and innovative ways, and over time we have developed many tea tasting combinations from savory to sweet to […]

Heritage Day – A Rainbow Nation Braai

Heritage day has become a day of shared cultures celebrating the one thing that binds us all together in unity. The great South African braai tradition. Of course, all braai converts firmly believe the braai originated here at the southern tip of Africa but actually the word ‘braai’ (to grill) seems to have evolved from […]

Caring For Your Cast Iron Teapot

Cast Iron Teapot Care Instructions: Proper care of your cast iron teapot will ensure a lifetime of good use. Before use: Fill with boiling water to rinse and warm your pot. Please note: your cast iron teapot is not suitable for stove top use.   After use: Allow teapot to cool completely after each use before […]

Loose Leaf Tea Blending

You enjoy your tea as pure and untouched as possible. In fact, drinking tea is more than just a ritual to you. It’s an art. An art of fusion and flavours, steeped to perfection. You like perfection from the tea leaf to the tea cup. A glass pot so you can see when the brew is perfect. […]

Planting rooibos tea

Rooibos tea seems to love extremes when it comes to planting and harvesting. It gets planted in the cold of winter and harvested in the heat of summer. The Western  Cape, home to Rooibos, have had some really chilly days but it is so worth venturing out into the cold to watch the tea planting […]

It’s Mandela month

It’s Mandela month. 18 July 67 minutes. Celebrating a remarkable life and legacy. We honor Nelson Mandela’s commitment to care for our children by continuing the privilege. Here you see Max, one of our two traveling teastory characters, (Max and Maya, who look after the tea fields) visiting a crèche  at our Bergendal processing plant. […]

Mouton Foundation Celebration

The Citrusdal valley sends many of its natural gifts of citrus and rooibos far and wide across the country and the globe every year.  As a result of this we are able to give back to the local community – but only with the assistance of you, our partners that have the heart to be […]

Turmeric, the new superfood in town

Several studies have indicated the benefits of Turmeric. These benefits include it being: powerful antioxidant mood booster immune booster hangover remedy Turmeric is a member of the ginger family and originates from Southern India. This region is still the world’s largest producer. Because of many speculations about the solubility of Turmeric in water and absorption in the […]

News from the farm

The Rooibos harvest for 2017 had a rapid start with good overall quality. Typical hot summer days with an average of 35⁰ C, ensured that the tea could dry quickly. Many rooibos producers attempted to harvest the bushes before it started loosing too many leaves due to the very dry summer. This has resulted in harvesting ending sooner. Now we are looking forward […]


CHRISTMAS FEAST This Christmas we have 2 delicious menus for any meal by Carmen Niehaus, Food Editor of You/Huisgenoot! Beautifully lay the table to celebrate Christmas and enjoy a summer spread of flavoursome food served with Carmién rooibos tea to complement each dish MENU SUMMER SANGRIA ASIAN SPRING ROLLS – Carmién tea to serve: Restore […]


This Christmas we have 2 delicious menus for any meal by Carmen Niehaus, Food Editor of You/Huisgenoot! FEAST UNDER THE TREES Breakfast has become the meal of the day and can be served any time, morning or even at supper time, then called the brinner. It’s also no longer necessary only to serve cereal or bacon […]

Carmién Christmas Feast

It’s December again and everyone is starting to get into that festive mood with year-end parties & Christmas decorations going up everywhere! Unfortunately this happy time also goes along with the realisation that you still need to buy everyone presents and o dear what will I cook for my family in law joining us for […]


With the launch of our exciting new fruity flavoured rooibos blends for summer – we just had to share with you these delicious ice tea & cocktail recipes! Throw a summer party and surprise your friends and family with these refreshing ice teas & cocktails by Carmen Niehaus, Food Editor of YOU/Huisgenoot. “Use Carmién’s latest […]

Carmién Mamma Teas are here

We are proud to announce the launch of our NEW Carmién Mamma Tea in collaboration with Love Alda. Carmién Mamma Tea has especially been formulated to help mammas with nausea, heartburn and lactation challenges associated with pregnancy and breastfeeding.  Only the best ingredients is used in every teabag, with great care taken to insure safety […]

Just Arrived – New Products

We recently launched a few new products. All these new lines have amazing health properites & great taste! PRODUCT NAME INGREDIENTS HEALTH PROPERTIES SOOTHE / Green Rooibos,Fennel & Aniseed Green Rooibos Contains natural anti-oxidants which help to prevent cancer & combating free radical damage in cells. Green Rooibos alleviates allergies – asthma, hay-fever, eczema. Green Rooibos has […]

Celebrate Spring with Carmién

Everyday a new way with Carmién Tea – This month we are celebrating Spring by sharing all the ways in which we can enjoy Carmién Tea! By sharing your Carmién Tea moment – you can stand a chance to win a year’s supply of Carmién Tea!! Simply post a photo of your Carmién Tea moment […]