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New! Carmien Pyramid Tea Range

Carmién Tea takes the art of tea drinking another step forward.  Coarse cut tea leaves blended with floral, fruity and spicy elements beautifully showcased in see-through pyramid teabags. Direct contact with hot water allows for better and quicker infusion. A taste and flavour explosion that sets the pace for a new era of tea enjoyment.  Fresh, clean, eye-catching design too […]

Fashion, Function or Familiarity

    What serves us best? Turning over more than a new leaf is our business, from great teas to great new packaging. It’s clean. Fresh. Fashionable without giving up function. Easily identifiable to our customers without losing its old familiarity. As with any process of change, it was at the same time exciting and […]

News from the farm

As you know by now, conservation farming is our heart. As always, we are looking for the best products, the best equipment and the most effective way to combat disease so that we can keep supplying top quality rooibos direct from the farm to you, our customer. The harvesting season is at hand but first […]

Carmién Rooibos Gin

G & TEA like you’ve never experienced! Rooibos tea has never been more trendy. With fynbos gin no longer a stranger to gin lovers, distilling our favourite rooibos blends, Vintage Romance and Amber Royalty , with gin was inevitable. Carmién joins the cocktail culture with a superior, small batch South African Rooibos Gin .  All set to become your favourite cocktail on […]

Carmién Handmade Soap

Rooibos. So much more than just a cup of tea. Always a story worth telling, with new chapters added daily. And who doesn’t love a good story, especially a soapy? Listen to this one! Pure romance. All you have to do is add your own candles… We took our rooibos to the Storytellers of the […]

The ultimate winter warmer

It’s winter. Cold. Maybe you have the fire going already.  All that’s missing is some comforting chocolate. Delicious, warm, Carmién Rooibos Drinking Chocolate. We have no words. We’re totally hooked on it ourselves! Premium cacao with pure rooibos, dark chocolate, just enough sugar and a touch of Kalahari salt. All you have to do, is add […]

CSR Report Back

The Conscience of Carmién Tea Every company knows the value of matching the right person with the right position. More than that, a person who truly shares the vision and values of your company. Madele Mouton, recently appointed to the Fairtrade Africa Board (https://africafairtradeconvention.com/) as representative for Southern African countries, has the same heart for our people […]

Wine, Food and Tea pairings

When last have you had a really good time? Lurking in the back of our minds is always more than just tea. Like a great experience. Worth more than your best purchase. Our vision has always been to draw our customers and clients into an experience and not just sell them a product. As our […]

News from the farm

A very very dry summer has come and gone. Finally, everything lifted. Our expectations, our optimism, and our joy broke out in abundance at the great downpours we experienced recently. Once again it is time to plant. This time, we have our very own rooibos seedlings amongst the ones grown for us by our regular […]

Madiba Day

100 years.   What did Madiba leave us? A legacy of values. A love for children. A challenge.  “It is in your hands to make the world a better place”. It is that time again. To commemorate and to celebrate and to ask ourselves, what are we doing to make the world a better place? Making […]

Make her day special!

Life is about celebrating every moment and cherishing what we have. Like mothers. We are here to help you make her day special with a choice of great gifts! Choose between 30% off on a long lasting cast iron teapot on its stand in a range of beautiful colours or refresh her tea collection and get […]

Tea with a difference

Carmién tea has gone cold. Ice cold in fact. Why? Enter CARMIÉN ICE TEA! With a difference…A unique ALL NATURAL ice tea. No sugar. No calories. No caffeine. 100% natural ingredients. No preservatives. Refreshing, hydrating, pure deliciousness. Hot brewed for extra taste and flavor. Now in two Great Flavours: Carmién Green Rooibos with Camomile,Ginger & Chilli […]

Carmién Recycle Project Continues

From natural waste to recycled gift cards. From gift box to recipe booklet. We waste nothing. You may have purchased one of our gift boxes and not given a thought to what happens to the piece that gets cut out to give you that beautiful display window. Well, we have, and the end result is […]

Winning with Teatox

Will I feel better? “Your first awareness will be an increased sense of wellbeing, more energy, reduced bloating and headaches and the increased hydration, combined with a healthier eating lifestyle, will eventually lead to better looking skin. You may experience weight loss too…” Towards the latter part of last year we launched our Carmién Teatox […]

News from the farm

When does gratitude supersede expectation? When we still have a harvest, albeit 30% less than expectation. When we still have water, albeit less than we require. When we can still fill our orders , even if it is on our knees most of the time. And, when we know that what goes down, must come […]