From Crop to Cup: Unveiling the Rooibos Journey


Ever wondered how your favorite cup of rooibos tea comes to be? Buckle up for a fascinating journey that starts with tiny seeds and ends up in your mug! Planting the Seeds of Goodness Our rooibos story begins between February and March, when seeds are sown. After a few months, the seedlings find their permanent…

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Rooibos and mint, a match made in heaven


For centuries, cultures around the world have embraced the invigorating aroma and refreshing taste of mint. But beyond its delightful flavour, mint boasts a treasure trove of health benefits. When combined with the naturally sweet and antioxidant-rich rooibos tea, this dynamic duo elevates your cup to a wellness powerhouse. Let’s delve into the individual merits…

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#RooibosRecipe: Rooibos Chocolate Cupcakes

It’s beginning to look a lot like winter, which is why we’d like to share our cooler weather pantry favourites in their multiple uses. Such as our delicious Drinking Chocolate, which can easily be used in recipes! Our Rooibos Drinking Chocolate can be used to desired quantities in this recipe for warm, comforting cupcakes. Simply…

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Spoil Mom with her favourite cake

Mother's Day

The best way to spoil Mom on Mother’s day, is to bake her favorite cake and enjoy it with a tasty cup of Carmién’s rooibos tea. I am very fond of my Ouma Carmen’s feather cake which brought back priceless childhood memories of growing up on a rooibos farm near Citrusdal. Nowadays I use Carmién’s…

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Common Ailments, and How Rooibos Can Help

chronic conditions

We all get sick sometimes, from the occasional sniffles to more serious chronic conditions. But what if there was a natural way to boost your body’s defenses? Rooibos tea, a South African herbal infusion, has been gaining popularity for its potential health benefits. Rooibos has been enjoyed for centuries, and recent scientific studies are catching…

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Chai & Rooibos


Our rooibos teas are naturally functional due to the nourishing, enriching ingredient rooibos is on its own. Honouring tea rituals internationally, we found that an equally beneficial ingredient (or rather, ingredients) is chai! What about chai tea is so enriching? Here are five health benefits when incorporating chai spices into a tea: chai spices such…

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Alleviating our CO2 footprint

CO2 impact

Our carbon footprint is very important to us and we monitor it yearly as we strive to reduce it each year. We are committed to sustainable farming and preserving the plant for the next generation. Our CO2 impact has been alleviated by means of solar panels and the use of batteries to store excess electricity…

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Women Upliftment at Mouton Foundation


The hands-on involvement from the Mouton Foundation allows for a nurturing environment for all. Specifically, female employees, beneficiaries, and bread-winners reap the benefits due to the supportive structures put in place through mobile clinics, educational seminars, and schooling for their children. The Mouton Foundation has facilitated the intern- and learnerships of 22 students that attended…

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Happy Human Rights Day!


With the upcoming Human Rights day, we thought it best to share the caring work that we put back into our community through the Mouton Foundation. The Mouton Foundation is a philanthropic, active shareholder and upliftment arm within the Carmién Tea and Mouton Citrus operations. Many of the Mouton Foundation’s initiatives were put together in…

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Rainforest Alliance & Rooibos

The Rainforest Alliance certificate carries a lot of weight in the Food & Beverage industry. It has become an international insignia of sustainability, due to the initiatives centered round the mascot – a rare, red-eyed tree frog which is native to a protected region within the Rainforest Alliance. The Rainforest Alliance (from hereon referred to…

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Rooibos sterilisation machinery


As to ensure all cogs of a machine function well, we can attribute the success from our company not only to our employees, but to the actual machines we use for processing and sterlising! We offer full traceability of our products, right down to the day it was processed. The rooibos product undergoes the following…

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What’s the ‘tea’ differences? Tisanes & Tea


The talk about tea is now hotter than the cuppa you’ve brewed itself. As a fast-moving essential product, tea-drinkers around the globe have countless ways about their tea rituals. Many of whom find rooibos a foreign concept with a common question which we hope to answer: what exactly is the difference between black, green, and…

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Rooibos Flavour Profile


It’s the time of year where we undergo our favourite activity, which is rooibos harvesting. Now, a crucial synergy between temperature, the elements, and time play a role in the harvest’s yield. We look forward to see combination of hand-picked and machine-supported cutting, fermentation, and oxidization of rooibos. This to many, seems like repetitive chores…

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News from the Farm: January 2024

rooibos harvest

Our News From The Farm this month is one that excites us to the core – our rooibos harvest is finally upon us! According to our farm personnel, our harvest this year is beautiful, yet the yield is slightly less, because of dry conditions and no rain from after the spot rain and floods in…

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Back To School Essentials: Rooibos & Kiddies

For kiddies and parents alike, our rooibos tea range targeted at your young ones is soon going to be a staple for your pantry. Not only for hot tea time, but chilled in a water bottle or over ice! The benefits found in rooibos as a nutritional form of hydration extends beyond just flavour and…

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New year, new gut!


The innovation that is our Gut rooibos is one that is akin to scientific breakthrough. With countless developments and studies conducting concluding that one’s gut microbiome’s state of health not only contributes to overall wellness or functionality; one’s gut health is now crucial for one’s mental health. With rooibos acting as a naturally caffeine-free and…

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Carmién Recap: 2023


When reflecting on the activities of 2023, we cannot help but revert to the trends that we noticed during the course of the year. Trends related to the food and beverage industry, within the economy, on social media, as well as within the tendency of growth within new developments. Noteworthy trends throughout this year are…

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6th AVPA Awards Nomination & Win for Carmién


The closer the year comes to ending, in true festive spirit it seems that we keep unleashing surprises – one of the most recent being our exceptional prodigy of accolade AVPA awards for three of our rooibos teas! The prestigious Agency for Valorization of Agricultural Products stated that three of our innovative rooibos blends received…

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Seasons greetings from Mientjie Mouton


Our festive greetings to all – especially those that love the red theme of Christmas and follow it through drinking the delights of rooibos! As the responsibilities of the year as well countless workers enter their much-anticipated vacations, we are faced with an undeniably exciting fact that all can share enthusiasm for – the end…

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A Skincare Routine You Can Drink


Rooibos Anti-Ageing As many rooibos (alternatively, redbush) drinkers know, this tea delivers countless health benefits through consumption that assist with overall wellness. Extra nourishment through naturally occurring minerals, proficient hydration with gentle caramel taste; best of all, the component that ages us all is not present in rooibos – caffeine. With these components combined, scientists…

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Rooibos processing and packaging


The first growth of rooibos starts sprouting between the worked farmlands after the final of our various cuts, are processed. An exceptionally busy time on our farm allows for another consistent year of high-quality, delicious rooibos. Our next expected harvest is anticipated to be an incredibly vibrant, red haul due to the weather conditions from…

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For the well-being of one’s Brain

The innovation that is our Brain tea not only utilizes flavorful ingredients that are functional, but has the research to moot. Our quality control team worked intently to ensure that our sourcing of a functional tea that assists not only the brain, but the overall wellness of individuals that suffer from chronic burn-out. Our team…

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Tea Trends on TikTok


“Let’s go for a coffee,” – potentially the most dreadful statement that tea-producing companies have heard used most frequently in this world. The typically business-casual statement for any meeting seems to precede the aforementioned phrase that challenges tea producers internationally. Luckily, it seems the tides are changing in the benefit for tea companies such as…

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Pantone Colour Trends for SS24: Rooibos Tea


In the early days of September, Pantone announced the New York Fashion Week’s most-anticipated SS24 colours. With a surprise that had South Africans giggling internationally at the familiar term, the number 1 colour to look out for has been said to be ‘Rooibos’. To remain true to the description, the ‘Rooibos Red’ Pantone has been…

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Global Beverage Trends


According to Finlays, the notion most felt in recent Global Beverage Trends is that consumers “treat themselves, coupled with concern for their health, and that of the planet, is driving the trend toward conscious consumerism,” (Finlays, 2023). With this in mind, household product producers have been seeing a gradual increase in necessity shopping. For us…

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News from the Farm – September 2023

September 2023

The Western Cape is experiencing its most unusual September in history and continuing rain and flooding has impacted most farming communities. Repairs are hardly completed when we are hit by another drench of rain. Newly planted Rooibos seedlings thrive on regular nourishing rain and hot, sunny days – which has been rather scarce – so…

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