Careers will always be around but GOOD HEALTH is not a given

Business can be so focused on output and productivity that being healthy takes a backseat, or we overdose on caffeine which can lead to irritability, moodiness, poor sleeping habits or even anger issues. Secondly, a lack of sufficient hydration often lead to health issues that could have been avoided.

This is where Carmién Rooibos tea come in. We propose bringing good health and hydration right into your office with a compact Carmién Office Tea Station, from personal and individualized for your top executives right down to the general offices. No special setup is required. We have already put it together for you. Simply order one of three options online and we will deliver for free within a day or two on your initial order. Create a healthy office experience that will not just benefit your employees, but impress your visitors.

Why Rooibos? Rooibos is a uniquely South African herbal tea that is naturally sweet and caffeine free, yet energizing and

*reduces blood pressure and circulation

*improves cardiovascular health

*aids digestive health

*improves skin conditions

*relieves anxiety, nervousness, hypertension

*improves sleep

Your tea gets brewed in the morning and a burner keeps it at the ideal temperature all day long. All you have to do is top up or refresh with a new blend.

Option 1: Executive or Home Office


  • 1 Glass teapot
  • 1 Glass burner
  • 3 Double Walled glass teacups
  • 1 small Carmién box of tea sachets
  • 4 boxes of our current favourites

Option 2: Small office


  • 2 Glass teapots
  • 2 Glass burners
  • 4 Double Walled glass teacups
  • 1 large Carmién box of tea sachets
  • 6 boxes of our current favourites

Option 3: Large office


  • 3 Glass teapots
  • 3 Glass burners
  • 6 Double Walled glass teacups
  • 1 large Carmién box of tea sachets
  • 8 boxes of our current favourites

Top up your tea stock online.

Once you have tested some sachets , you will no doubt discover some favourites which you can then order in boxes of 20 teabags as you would use at least 3 teabags for a good infusion in your teapot. Sachets are perfect if you prefer a large mug or traditional teacup and the full selection can be re ordered to fill your box again.