Our Kids Love It!

A Brand New Carmién Kiddies Range

Carmién Tea once again combines good health with great taste! All natural rooibos direct from the  farm. Caffeine free and naturally sweet with no added sugar. The perfect soothing and hydrating drink for children older than 6 months. We bring you a tried and tested, well researched, expertly blended NEW range of

Two Delicious Flavours, Two Wellness blends and always, the foundation of our brand, miracle plant, Pure Organic Rooibos.

Let’s meet the kids!

Always a cheeky first is Emily the monkey with, of course, Banana Choc. Pure energising Rooibos with delicious banana chocolate flavouring. Enough to make Emily swing for joy. An all natural sugar free drink without any added sugar.

Our busy birdie Max prefers his favourite, Verry Berry. Rooibos infused with natural blackcurrant & strawberry flavouring. An intense flavour-burst wow! Ideal as an ice tea as is, or with some natural juice added. Perfect for moms on the go.

Maya the mouse has reason to scoot in with a Happy Tummy. A blend mothers have been asking for to ease the constipation struggle. Rooibos combined with camomile to relax and ground flaxseed & fennel to improve digestion and ease bloating. A tasty crisp apple flavouring rounds it off perfectly.

Always a favourite, is our popular Sleepy Time, if we can get Babalo the elephant to wake up in time! A relaxing rooibos camomile blend with hibiscus & rosehip to calm the nervous system. Delicious improved strawberry flavouring. The perfect night time drink.

Last but not least is George, the giraffe, who is cleverer than clever and the one we can’t do without. Soothing, refreshing Organic Rooibos, full of untold goodness!