Carmien Tea Goes Green

Consumer habits are under intense scrutiny and nothing seems safe anymore, not even the good old teabag. Plastics are the hot topic of the day. Microplastics, to be more specific. So hot that we took a long hard look at our own manufacturing and materials because, as always, we strive to bring our customers not just the best tasting cup of tea but also a healthy cup (and that starts with a teabag).


Our goodness seals promise our workforce and our customers, earth-friendly, safe farming methods and a commitment to their well-being and health. After much testing and research our products are becoming increasingly ‘green’. Our factory also packs Rainforest Alliance, UTZ and Fairtrade certified tea, hence our strong focus on environmentally friendly packaging.


So where do we stand?  All Carmién square pillow teabags have been changed to compostable at the beginning of this year. This means the same high performance but with special focus on reducing the environmental impact at the end of life. Our current inventory of pyramid teabags are still nylon but our next production runs coming off line at the end of 2019, are made of PLA compostable material. So we are well on our way in going compostable on all our teabags.


Our outer packaging (recyclable) will also change to compostable early 2020 with an additional FSC certification which is in line with our policy to practise safe farming methods. This means that for every tree used to provide paper, a new one will be planted.

Change however, takes time, comes at great cost and is more a process of evolving rather than a quick fix. Every small change confirms our commitment to a better, more healthy product and environmental impact.

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