Nikon supports Love Alda

Nikon, one of the largest and most respected photography brands in the world, is known for its investment in and support of professional, passionate and dedicated artists and storytellers. Nikon South Africa’s recent decision to support Birth Photographer & Mentor Alda Smith, from Love Alda, is not only a huge honor, but it also bodes well for the unique and developing art that is birth photography.


What is a birth companion or birth partner? In short it is someone that gives you physical, emotional and practical support when delivering your baby (via c-section or labour).

How important is a Birt Plan? By Love Alda

There are many, many options and drawing up a birth plan without help / guidance can be daunting. Follow Alda as she gently guides us through these steps.

Family Shoot by Love Alda

The Capturing of our Fairytale family photo shoot.

Cake Smash Heaven!

Cake Smash Inspiration!

Meet our Photo Expert and Birth Professional – Love Alda

Alda is the founder and chair of the South African Birth Photographers Association and one of Cape Town’s foremost and well-published maternal, birth & family photographers. Birth photography is a labour of love to her – a joyous celebration of this beautiful, fragile life we all share.