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Carmién rooibos tea has a multitude of health benefits, most of which we are unaware of, and can beneficially impact our gut and brain health. The gut is often called the ‘second brain’. Gut bacteria affect brain health, so changing our gut bacteria may serve well to improve our brain health.

The importance of gut health is often under-estimated or something we simply don’t know enough about. Gut health is all about our microbiome, a system of micro-organisms that live in our gut and determines our total wellbeing. Our microbiome affects our immune system and hormonal system, and as mentioned, our brain health. An unhealthy gut is also associated with allergies, autism and ADHD.

For a healthy gut we need to eat the right food and provide the right atmosphere for these micro-organisms to grow. This means sufficient intake of:

  • Enough hydrating fluids, such as Carmién rooibos, as it is very important for fibre to absorb liquid which makes stools softer. Dehydration (not enough fluids) can lead to constipation.
  • Soluble fibre found in fruit, oats, vegetables, seeds i.e. flax and chia seeds which provide good ground for bacteria to flourish in.
  • Fermented foods, as they contain natural probiotics, such as amasi, yoghurt, sauerkraut, as well as tempe (fermented soya beans). Introduce the use of these products from a young age. Probiotics may help improve symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression.

Carmién Tea is a lifestyle not a trend, creating general wellbeing and a stronger immune system to combat viruses and diseases. So, how does Carmien tea benefit our gut health?

  • Firstly, a daily intake of 6 cups of rooibos tea has proven benefits and keeps our bodies hydrated. All it takes is your favourite Carmién rooibos blend and some water.
  • Secondly, living a detoxed lifestyle. Our very popular Teatox range has just been extended to include 2  support teas that help to maintain a healthy gut. Detoxing is not just something you do for a week or two, it should form a regular part of your daily diet. This is how our detox range can help:
    • Carmién Energise is an energizing, fat burning, immune boosting tea that reduces mental and physical fatigue, assisting in detoxing our metabolism. A great morning tea.
    • Carmién Cleanse is an excellent digestive blend containing Senna, which has a mild laxative effect, helping to keep the body regular, relieving bloating and indigestion. A perfect bedtime tea.
    • Make our Carmién Energise and Carmién Cleanse part of your breakfast with these delicious smoothie recipes.
    • Carmién Delight contains hoodia which is a natural appetite suppressant helping to curb cravings and aids digestion.
    • Carmién Rescue with buchu is an excellent anti-bloating tea and helps fight urinary tract infections, gout and high blood pressure caused by excess water retained in the body. Flushes the kidneys and helps prevent swollen feet.

Who would have thought a pot of Carmién rooibos tea a day can really keep the doctor away!

News from the farm

When does gratitude supersede expectation?

When we still have a harvest, albeit 30% less than expectation.
When we still have water, albeit less than we require.
When we can still fill our orders , even if it is on our knees most of the time.

And, when we know that what goes down, must come up again, that summer always precedes winter, and that drought will eventually be relieved by rain. And we are grateful. Grateful also for those who fight the battle with us and give their all so that eventually we can all get through this.

Hand harvesting with sickle.

Its harvest time.
5 am. Before the sun has lifted its head behind the Cederberg mountains, sickles are rhythmically cutting handfuls of rooibos. 50 men a field. Each bundle carefully laid on a small sail until it is full. Two hooks join the cuttings into a sheaf that can stand on its own.

Weighing in. Each sheaf meticulously documented.

Each sheaf weighs in at between 18-25 kgs, is carefully documented, and soon, like an army of watchmen waiting to see if their buddies are going to make it, an area of stacked sheaves gets cleared and loaded onto a waiting truck. The cutters take a welcome break and then it is back to the sickle and sheaf as the morning cool makes way for blazing hot days.

To reach minimum wage, 350 kgs has to be cut per worker per day. Some way exceed that with averages between 550-650 kgs per day so there is great reward in the hard work.

6 am. Higher up in the valley at Bergendal Rooibos, long rows of cut, fermenting tea have been building up steamy temperatures of up to 42 degrees Celsius overnight. As the covering sails are lifted and the tea is given one more turning over, a thick mist rises up, obscuring your view, and that familiar sweet rooibos smell permeates the air. It is a beautiful experience. What landed on the court yesterday as green tea, has now miraculously turned red. The wonder of rooibos.

Early morning rows of fermenting tea.

State of the art machines suck up the tea and two rotating arms scatter it thinly over the tea court for a few hours of drying in the hot sun. Each batch carefully documented and monitored to ensure full traceability. Once again it is gathered up into 400 kg bags and now batch after batch goes through a sifting process, separating dust from tea leaves and shaking out mulch at the end. Cut lengths are monitored, batches are sifted and blended according to each client’s requirements and then sent through a pasteurizer and finally hot air drying before being bagged, weighed and shrink-wrapped per palette, ready to be shipped or moved next door to the packing facility.

Behind the scenes, temperatures are checked, batch after batch is tasted, noted, quality checks carried out and finally certification approval before one gram of tea can leave the factory.

Sheaves being separated and fed into a cutting machine.

In the meantime truck after truck arrives with freshly cut sheaves. It is weighed, offloaded, each sheaf opened, separated, and fed though a cutting machine which cuts even lengths of between 1-5 mm. The bruised green cuttings are fed via conveyer belt into a wagon from where it will be dumped in long low rows to ferment overnight and so the process repeats itself.
Day after day.

Its always worth it. We love what we do.



This Christmas we have 2 delicious menus for any meal by Carmen Niehaus, Food Editor of You/Huisgenoot!

Beautifully lay the table to celebrate Christmas and enjoy a summer spread of flavoursome food served with Carmién rooibos tea to complement each dish



– Carmién tea to serve: Restore – Lemongrass & Ginger

– Carmién tea to serve: Refresh – Green Honeybush & Mint

– Carmién tea to serve: Cookies & Cream or Soothe – Green Rooibos with Aniseed & Fennel

– Carmién tea to serve: Red Mocha

Carmién Tea wishes you a happy festive season!

Click here for the Christmas Breakfast menu.


This Christmas we have 2 delicious menus for any meal by Carmen Niehaus, Food Editor of You/Huisgenoot!


Breakfast has become the meal of the day and can be served any time, morning or even at supper time, then called the brinner. It’s also no longer necessary only to serve cereal or bacon and eggs for breakfast, anything can go. Lay the table under the trees, prepare a pot of Carmién rooibos tea which will pair with each dish and spoil yourself with a proper breakfast or brinner, doesn’t matter if it’s late morning or afternoon.


– Carmién tea to serve: Refresh – Green Honeybush & Mint
– Carmién tea to serve: Cookies & Cream or Summerfresh
– Carmién tea to serve: Superfruit
– Carmién tea to serve: Red Mocha

Click here for the Christmas Feast menu.

BANNED! Naming your Baby Part 2

Having Sleeping Problems with Baby?

Having sleeping problems with baby?

Erica Neser, the Carmién Kiddies Sleepy Time Expert of Choice, has written a 4 part series on Babies and toddler’s sleeping.
Follow her gentle advice to get you and baby more sleep at night.

Follow our 4 part series

Meet our Sleepy Time Expert Erica Neser

What is Sleeping Through the Night Anyway?

The “in-arms-only” baby

This Weird Obsession with Routine

Myths about Bedsharing

Wising you many long sleep filled nights!

Erica Neser is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Infant Massage Instructor, Infant CPR Instructor and mother of three. Her passion is to help parents understand their babies and how they sleep, and to encourage a gentle baby- and parent-friendly approach to sleep problems. She is the author of Sleep Guide for Babies and Toddlers (Protea Books, 2006), How babies and toddlers really sleep (self-published 2014) and Coping with Crying (self-published, 2008), as well as the co-author of Breastfeeding Guide (self-published, 2010). She has been working with mothers and babies for 20 years and often writes articles for parenting publications.
For more details, please visit