A refreshing ice tea which can be made with or without alcohol and that can be served as a welcome drink.

Made about 1,5 litres
Preparation time: 10 min
Cooling time: 45 min

500 ml (2 c) very strong Carmién Vintage Romance rooibos tea, made with 6 teabags or 6 scoops loose tea, cooled
About 60 ml (1/4 c) berry concentrate
crushed ice
Pink sparkling wine or sparkling water to top up
Fresh strawberries

1. Infuse the tea for at least 5 minutes until strong, remove the tea bags or strain. Add the berry concentrate and cool (it can be made up till here 4—5 days in advance)
2. Just before serving, pour into laboratory jugs, top with ice and sparkling wine or water and add a good handful of strawberries. Serve ice-cold in champagne flutes.

Carmen Niehaus, Food Editor, Huisgenoot & YOU