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NEW Coco Pine Cold Brew Rooibos Tea

Who would have thought that we would ever think of cold tea as a great alternative to our much-loved hot cuppa? The cold brew trend swayed coffee lovers but did it really influence tea drinkers?

One would naturally think that a cold brew tea range would find great favour in our hot South African climate but we have been blown away by its popularity. Cold brewing is a new concept for hot tea lovers. At best we have become accustomed to iced tea (a good way to use left-over tea) but it seems our tea fans love innovation as much as we do. Especially as it is so easy to prepare and enjoy. Simply pop a teabag in cold water, steep and enjoy.

So while we were dreaming of island holidays recently, the thought of a delicious Pina Colada came to mind. Meet the latest addition to our cold brew collection! Coco Pine is a delicious blend of finely cut rooibos, tropical fruit, coconut pieces and pineapple aromas and taste. It has all the natural goodness of rooibos plus the added benefit of coconut that includes improved heart health, weight loss and digestion.

Wondering how to enjoy your new Coco Pine cold brew? The options are ever-increasing:

  • Carry some teabags with you and simply pop 1-2 into your water bottle for a hydrating drink on-the-go
  • It’s a great caffeine-free, relaxing, natural energy drink
  • Instead of cold water steep some teabags to taste in soda water, lemonade or even tonic water and enjoy the added fizz or
  • Create our refreshing version of Rooibos Pina Colada at home.

Cold Brew Rooibos Pina Colada

  • Add a good handful of ice to an empty glass
  • Non-alcoholic mocktail: Add 30 ml coconut syrup plus 150ml Soda water
  • Alcoholic cocktail: Add 30 ml coconut syrup (any coconut or caramel cocktail syrup-or just add some Lemonade) plus 150ml Soda water plus a shot of white Rum
  • Add either dried lemon/orange slices or fresh to garnish
  • Add fresh cherries or pineapple slices when in season
  • Enjoy!

Coco Pine Cold brew is great for kids too. Your kids will love this delicious recipe:

Coco Pine Cold Brew Ice Lollies


  • Pour 200-250 ml room temperature water over
  • 2 Cold Brew teabags of your choice
  • Steep for 30 – 60 min to make a nice strong brew
  • Remove tea bags
  • Pour into lolly moulds
  • Freeze till set.

Optional: For a sweeter option, add a little of your favourite pineapple juice or concentrate before freezing.