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NEW DEVELOPMENT: Zesty Lemon Pyramid Tea

As much as there are tea lovers who enjoy their tea with milk and sugar/honey, so tea is also synonymous with a slice of lemon. Rooibos, with its natural sweet, full taste actually needs no more than just a slice of lemon.

Our latest Zesty Lemon release is just that. A fruity rooibos blend with refreshing spearmint and lemon flavouring. Together, spearmint and rooibos hydrate the body as a more exciting alternative to water. Staying hydrated can improve sleep quality, cognition and mood. Good hydration also helps regulate body temperature, deliver nutrients to the cells and maintain organ functionality.

Spearmint, well-known to aid digestion, is an essential ingredient as we are over-exposed to fast foods and sweets causing a lot of stress on our digestive system and long term issues such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). The good news is that rooibos has been proven to help relieve IBS. The antispasmodic agents in rooibos help ease stomach aches and pains, and aid digestion by soothing out the gut muscles. Taking a cup of rooibos tea about half an hour before a meal may help IBS sufferers get the most out of this effect.

In our hot climate Zesty Lemon can also be enjoyed cold in delicious iced tea moments and our favourite summer drink, an ice cold G&Tea. Simply pop a Zesty Lemon teabag into your next gin and enjoy its delicious added lemony infusion.