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New Developments at Carmién Tea


Carmién Tea has established itself as a marketplace leader in innovative, functional rooibos-based teas and speciality products.

Our most recent addition to the range is a Rooibos Powder (conventional rooibos powder with collagen and turmeric) and Green Rooibos Powder (green rooibos powder with echinacea, baobab and moringa) that are matcha-like products but less fine. These products are however not suitable as tea as they do not dissolve in water or other liquids. They are excellent as a super healthy addition to smoothies, shakes, muesli bowls etc. and can be used when cooking and baking as an added ingredient. Why not sprinkle the red rooibos powder over popcorn or freshly made pancakes? We’ve tried it and the kids love it!

In our Wellness Tea category, we are raising the bar with new, increased functionality teas, with very specific added benefits. Soon to be launched is Boost with added zinc and vitamin C to boost and support the immune system, especially during the cold winter months. Next up is Meno Support, an improved woman’s support tea to aid that transitional period where hormones and moods play havoc with the body. This is especially exciting as researchers from Stellenbosch University also confirmed Rooibos’ phytoestrogenic properties.

Phytoestrogens are naturally occurring plant estrogens that have a similar chemical structure to human estrogen. The interest in plant-based estrogens or phytoestrogens, as an alternative to hormone replacement therapy (HRT) or estrogen replacement therapy (ERT), is on the increase as many women are reluctant to take conventional medication to reduce menopausal symptoms, which makes this finding significant.

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