News From The Farm

As one season ends, the next one has already started. In between lies the secret to success. Good planning and preparation. None of which is possible without our people and the help of nature.

Harvest time is done and dusted. Row upon row of harvested fields are now being carefully nurtured for the next crop. Our younger fields have been topped and these prime toppings will be used to make green tea.

Expectations for the season were more than met. Our harvest came in well above our best projections. That in itself has its own challenges! It is, however, also an opportunity for our best cutters to excel and some were found getting up way before the crack of dawn to start cutting, providing light in all sorts of ingenious ways. Of course mobile phones were ever present too. Some exceeded the daily minimum cut requirement by more than 3 times!

Last year also saw the start of our own seedling nursery and based on that success, we have doubled our planting this year with better preparation, soil analysis and corrections. Recent strong winds have already wreaked havoc but this is where the rooibos miracle plant proves itself time and again by prevailing against the odds of nature.