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News From the Farm July 2021


The skies opened up with heavy seasonal rainfall during the first week of July, giving our farmers the perfect opportunity to plant new seedlings. We’re feeling optimistic about this year’s new crops, with the Olifants River running through Citrusdal being the fullest it’s been since 1994, promising enough water to sustain these young plants during the first few weeks of growth.

It is always fascinating to watch the sorting and planting of new seedlings. It has the same addictive draw as sitting around a late-night fire watching the flames stretch and lick into the sky or waves crashing against the rocks. The regular ‘clack’ sound you hear is the small amount of water that is deposited on each seedling as the soil around it closes up. It’s normally a cup full but at the moment about half a cup as the soil is nicely saturated after the heavy rains we have had.

Our nursery has given us a bumper crop of strong seedlings that should take exceptionally well given the good rains we have had. The only concern now is always the possibility of damaging frost as a result of the severe temperature drops we are experiencing.