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Rooibos health benefits backed by evidence

There has been much debate about the host of benefits claimed to be present in South Africa’s miracle plant, rooibos. According to this research fact sheet by the Cancer Association of South Africa, “Evidence of the health benefits of Rooibos Tea is growing by the day. Health benefits, especially the ones associated with drinking Rooibos […]

New Developments at Carmién Tea

Carmién Tea has established itself as a marketplace leader in innovative, functional rooibos-based teas and speciality products. Our most recent addition to the range is a Rooibos Powder (conventional rooibos powder with collagen and turmeric) and Green Rooibos Powder (green rooibos powder with echinacea, baobab and moringa) that are matcha-like products but less fine. These […]

Five Tips to Stay Healthy This Winter

Stay healthy this winter with these tried-and-true strategies that are still the best way to prevent illness. We have made a list of five simple things you can do this winter to keep yourself and your family happy and healthy. Wash your hands often: practising good hand hygiene is not new to anyone, but as […]

Mother’s Day Gifts & Experiences Guide

Celebrate Mother’s Day with beautiful rooibos gifts for mom and experiences she will not forget anytime soon. Nobody works as hard or loves as hard as mom – she is our shoulder to cry on, our biggest supporter and the first person we call when we have news to share. For all she does, she […]