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Carmién Handmade Soap

Rooibos. So much more than just a cup of tea. Always a story worth telling, with new chapters added daily. And who doesn’t love a good story, especially a soapy? Listen to this one! Pure romance. All you have to do is add your own candles… We took our rooibos to the Storytellers of the […]

The ultimate winter warmer

It’s winter. Cold. Maybe you have the fire going already.  All that’s missing is some comforting chocolate. Delicious, warm, Carmién Rooibos Drinking Chocolate. We have no words. We’re totally hooked on it ourselves! Premium cacao with pure rooibos, dark chocolate, just enough sugar and a touch of Kalahari salt. All you have to do, is add […]

CSR Report Back

The Conscience of Carmién Tea Every company knows the value of matching the right person with the right position. More than that, a person who truly shares the vision and values of your company. Madele Mouton, recently appointed to the Fairtrade Africa Board ( as representative for Southern African countries, has the same heart for our people […]

Wine, Food and Tea pairings

When last have you had a really good time? Lurking in the back of our minds is always more than just tea. Like a great experience. Worth more than your best purchase. Our vision has always been to draw our customers and clients into an experience and not just sell them a product. As our […]