Matricaria recutita) is approved by the German Commission E as a standard medicinal tea, and infused in oils for wounds. Pretty, daisy-like Chamomile has a cheery disposition and a soothing character. The calming flower is often used in relaxing herb pillows, as the scent is soothing, light and pleasant. Long accepted as one of the safest herbs, the chamomile flower is used both externally for inflammation and irritation, and internally for many gastric complaints. The German Commission E approved chamomile’s use for acid reflux and other gastrointestinal tract problems, and the British Herbal Compendium lists it for inflammations both external and internal. Evidence shows that it is effective for dermatitis rashes such as eczema. There are no known restrictions for the use of chamomile, either internally or externally, by pregnant or lactating 011