Jy het ‘n Wenresep! – Episode 7 Winner

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February 23, 2017

Pumpkin tart for dessert

On 15 February’s episode of Jy het ’n Wenresep! On VIA (DStv channel 147) brothers Burger and Alwyn tried to impress Huisgenoot’s Carmen Niehaus with their different recipes. Alwyn made a chicken dish which he learnt how to make while living abroad, and Burger stayed within their family recipes by making their mother’s pumpkin tart as a dessert. Theresa’s yellow tale with sesame seed made the judging difficult for Carmen.


Makes 1 big tart

Preparation 15 minutes

Cooking 50 minutes (without cooking of pumpkins)


1 kg peeled pumpkin, cut into pieces

250 ml (1 c) cake flour

10 ml (2 t) baking powder

10 ml (2 t) vanilla powder or pasta

5 ml (1 t) fine cinnamon

5 ml (1 t) salt

180—250 ml (3/4 –1 c) brown sugar

3 eggs

250 ml (1 c) milk brewed with one vanilla rooibostea bag

60 g melted butter

Handful chopped pecan nuts


1Preheat the oven to 180°C. Spread a big oven pan.

2Cook or steam the pumpkin until soft.

3Mix all the dry ingredients together and add the sugar.

4Place the pumpkin in a food processor, add dry ingredients, eggs and butter until smooth.

5Dish in the oven pan, sprinkle pecan nuts over and bake for about 50 minutes.

6Serve with ice cream as dessert.


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