October 13, 2016

Makes about: 1 litre
Preparation time: 15 min
Cooling time: 20 min


750 ml (3 c) Carmien Summerfresh rooibos tea (mint, watermelon-strawberry), made with 6--8 bags

Juice of 2--3 limes

8 Strawberries or 1 big wedge water melon

6 Mint leaves

15 ml (1 T) sugar or to taste

Crushed ice

Sparkling water or soda water to top up

Plenty of lime slices and sprigs of mint to garnish


1Infuse tea till cooled down, remove the tea bags and add the lime juice. Refrigerate till needed.

2Muddle the strawberries or melon with mint leaves and sugar with a wooden spoon till lightly squashed.

3Spoon into a jar, mugs or glasses.

4Add ice to the jar, mug or glass, then pour over the cooled ice tea.

5Top with sparkling water or soda water to taste just before serving and add plenty lime slices and sprigs of mint.


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