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Global Beverage Trends

According to Finlays, the notion most felt in recent Global Beverage Trends is that consumers “treat themselves, coupled with concern for their health, and that of the planet, is driving the trend toward conscious consumerism,” (Finlays, 2023). With this in mind, household product producers have been seeing a gradual increase in necessity shopping. For us…

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Why Rooibos is good for your garden

Much has been said about the multiple health benefits of Rooibos or ‘red bush’ tea, derived from the unique herbal shrub native to the Western Cape region of South Africa, but its benefits and uses stretch way beyond just human health and enjoyment. As summer now draws to a close in South Africa we are…

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Our journey towards sustainable packaging options

Packaging has certainly not given up on its outward beauty but just like the fashion world, it has little meaning if it there is no inner beauty as well. From an attractive visual presentation, product packaging aims to leave a lasting impression on both customers and clients but as important as these first impressions are,…

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Private Label Offering

The growing demand for private label in South Africa reflects the trust that has been built with customers in favour of private label. At the same time, the demand for private label rooibos blends corresponds with the increasing awareness of rooibos tea and its multiple health benefits, plus a greater prioritization of self-care and healthy…

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8 Ways to Use Tea Bags (Besides Brewing Tea)

Besides brewing your favourite cup of tea, the humble tea bag can do so much more for you! Our teas come in so many flavours and styles, giving you endless uses for this versatile pantry staple. Whether you are looking to add extra flavour to your home baking or to create a DIY spa day,…

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Carmien Tea Goes Green

  Consumer habits are under intense scrutiny and nothing seems safe anymore, not even the good old teabag. Plastics are the hot topic of the day. Microplastics, to be more specific. So hot that we took a long hard look at our own manufacturing and materials because, as always, we strive to bring our customers…

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