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Rooibos processing and packaging

The first growth of rooibos starts sprouting between the worked farmlands after the final of our various cuts, are processed. An exceptionally busy time on our farm allows for another consistent year of high-quality, delicious rooibos. Our next expected harvest is anticipated to be an incredibly vibrant, red haul due to the weather conditions from…

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News from the Farm – September 2023

The Western Cape is experiencing its most unusual September in history and continuing rain and flooding has impacted most farming communities. Repairs are hardly completed when we are hit by another drench of rain. Newly planted Rooibos seedlings thrive on regular nourishing rain and hot, sunny days – which has been rather scarce – so…

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August News from The Farm

While flood repairs are coming the end, weather patterns in the Western Cape remain unsettled, almost as if winter and summer are in disagreement, constantly fighting for control which has made it a difficult planting season. Although there has been so much rain, it is actually a dry season. The heavy downpours drain away quickly…

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News from the Farm

Updates from the farm The skies over our valley are shrouded in a chilly, dense winter fog most mornings. Not only are we feeling the cold but the seedlings in the nursery as well. The cold weather leads to slower growth so our estimated planting out of the new seedlings may even take place later…

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News from the Farm: April 2023

Winter has shown up early with many bouts of rain and cold pushing the completion of harvest time to early May. It is a struggle to dry the tea with so many cold days and very little sun but the tea quality is excellent. On the farms, field maintenance continue and seedlings sown in March…

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The Versatility of Green Rooibos

Rooibos and green rooibos share many health benefits and ongoing research continues to astound us with new findings regarding its health benefits. Green rooibos has a higher polyphenol content than fermented Rooibos and therefore higher antioxidant levels. It is naturally caffeine-free and known to relieve allergies, sleep disorders, digestive problems, headaches and more. Being kilojoule and preservative free it is also ideal…

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News from the farm

The latest updates, direct from the farm. Rainforest Alliance Program Carmién Tea (Pty)Ltd and our subcontracted processing plant, Bergendal Rooibos (Pty)Ltd are proud to be part of the Rainforest Alliance Certification Program.   This seal is your guarantee that our certified product, Rooibos, was produced using methods that support the three pillars of sustainability: social,…

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Frequently Asked Questions about Rooibos

We answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding rooibos. Do Carmién Tea supply bulk Rooibos and packaged products? All our products are available in bulk bags, vacuum packed or boxed, then packed on pallets and wrapped, ready to be delivered to clients across the globe. Bulk products include Rooibos, Honeybush, Buchu, Hoodia, Dried…

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Key differences between Red and Green Rooibos

What exactly is the difference between green rooibos and rooibos (red bush) tea? Could one be better than the other? Just as with black (Camelia Sinensis) and green tea, the difference lies in the processing. Both red and green rooibos comes from the same plant but rooibos(red bush) go through a fermentation (oxidation) process which turns the green…

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