Summertime is holiday time

Summertime is holiday time. Treat yourself to our delicious festive summer drinks! Start with tea and end with champagne!

Summer holiday loose leaf tea is a combination of green Rooibos and green Honeybush with a mix of forest berries, mint and watermelon giving it a lovely aroma. Apart from being naturally sweet it is super high in antioxidants and Vitamin C.

Don’t miss the hint of rose petals and beautiful pink cup infusion. An ideal tea blend for making ice teas, cocktails and ice lollies during your festive holidays.

We show you how easy and delicious it is in this Summer holiday loose leaf tea video!


Loose Leaf Tea Blending

You enjoy your tea as pure and untouched as possible. In fact, drinking tea is more than just a ritual to you. It’s an art. An art of fusion and flavours, steeped to perfection.

You like perfection from the tea leaf to the tea cup. A glass pot so you can see when the brew is perfect. A burner because you know tea is best at just the right temperature (65 degrees of course) and the second cup is even better than the first. The cup is more than just a cup, it’s part of the taste experience, double walled yet light, perfectly rounded .

At Carmién Tea you can now also customize your favourite cup of Rooibos loose leaf tea. Create your own unique signature blend. What’s more, it becomes a lovely gift next time you run out of innovative gift ideas.  How often have you shopped and simply can’t find exactly what you want?

Loose Tea blending is our business. And we’ve made it so easy!

Watch the video: How to create your unique blend

That was a lot of information but here it is again.

You can choose from one of four Carmién tea bases: herbal, dessert, fruity or spicy which will make up 80% of your blend. Then you can customise this blend even further by adding a variety of either more healthy elements specific to your needs, or a more unique flavour, or simply make it more pretty by adding some berries and flowers


At Carmién Tea retail office in Paarden Eiland at Northgate office park.


You decide but booking in advance is essential. Individual as well as groups of up to 12 are welcome. Two or more is always more fun.