Madiba Day

100 years.  

What did Madiba leave us? A legacy of values. A love for children. A challenge.

 “It is in your hands to make the world a better place”.


It is that time again. To commemorate and to celebrate and to ask ourselves, what are we doing to make the world a better place? Making the world a better place does not always lie in the big things. Simply helping to make ONE life better also helps…it becomes a legacy to that person. So, instead of worrying (and doing nothing) about the big impact you want to make, let’s start today, reach out, and touch one person. If we all did that, very soon, the world would become a better place.

We chose to make this day about our children. Join us. Reach out to a child.

“The true character of society is revealed in how it treats its children “

At Carmién tea part of our investment in our children are the four after school care centres and crèches on our farms. Here the little ones are cared for during the the working day and after school it becomes a place of homework and creative projects once they’ve had a good lunch. 

Our recycle card making project supports their creative curiculum by improving concentration, practical skills and problem solving. Our aim is not just to teach our children the value of recycling, repurposing and to create less waste, but also to think creatively. It is not just a one day activity but a lifestyle of awareness we seek to create. 

Of course it it never without fun and laughter as you will see in this short video. Watch how your Madiba day cards were made and enjoyed by all.

In the words of Nelson Mandela,

“Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world”

Get your own personal handmade card with every online purchase made during June and July or sign up online to become a Tea Club member which will get you a card and a free gift on your birthday if it is in June or July!

We thank our children, Colourtone Aries for donating the printing, and the staff of The Pebbles Project for assisting in rolling out the project every month at each of our crèches and after school care centers. 

It’s Mandela month

It’s Mandela month.

18 July

67 minutes.

Celebrating a remarkable life and legacy. We honor Nelson Mandela’s commitment to care for our children by continuing the privilege.

Here you see Max, one of our two traveling teastory characters, (Max and Maya, who look after the tea fields) visiting a crèche  at our Bergendal processing plant. Max had so much fun that he even tried a few dance steps himself but nothing beats the natural rhythm of Africa!


Carmién Madiba Day 2017 from Carmién Tea on Vimeo.


A  Rooibos tea gift is handed out to each child and two easy questions make someone the winner of a Carmién Tea t-shirt .



The children are treated to delicious Cookies and Cream flavored Rooibos tea with coconut marshmallows. A crowd favourite. Yum!



Of course no memory goes by without being captured in a specially created ‘selfie’ corner and then finally, it’s time to spend all that excited energy on some fun and games…and suddenly 67 minutes go by too quickly.


Introducing our Carmién Tea recycle project


On May 5 this year Carmién Tea and Mouton Citrus, opened our fourth community centre through our social upliftment arm, The Mouton Foundation. This means that we now have three fully equipped Early Childhood Development centres run by the Pebbles Project, our official education partner which is currently educating 80 children up to the age of five.


Below you see some cards made by these children, as a thank you for this investment in them. The cards will be sent out during this Mandela month with each of our online purchases or birthday gifts going out to Carmién Tea Club members.



These cards, plus an inevitable amount of unused byproducts from our packaging material, have sparked the idea of a recycle project. (You may have already been the recipient of our first test cards).


We have been collaborating with the Pebbles Project and our teachers, to incorporate card making, using the above items, as part of their creative curriculum. This has been received with great excitement and a trial run will be rolled out as soon as the schools re open. We trust that you will bear with us if some of them come out just a little crooked or more ‘creative’ than we envisage! Practice makes perfect. We also hope to stimulate some budding artists into coming up with some fresh initiative! Watch this space!


Mandela month is also a time to show our gratitude.


Our gratitude to the teachers who are willing to guide the children in this and to make them aware of the value of repurposing and conserving resources.

Our gratitude to our printers, Colourtone Aries (, for supporting us in our eco and social consciousness projects, and who is donating the printing of the basic card plus some of the elements required for the completion of the cards.

Our gratitude to you our customer. Your business enables us to do all this.

Our children. It is our privilege to contribute to your future.