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New year, new gut!

The innovation that is our Gut rooibos is one that is akin to scientific breakthrough. With countless developments and studies conducting concluding that one’s gut microbiome’s state of health not only contributes to overall wellness or functionality; one’s gut health is now crucial for one’s mental health. With rooibos acting as a naturally caffeine-free and…

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Carmién Recap: 2023

When reflecting on the activities of 2023, we cannot help but revert to the trends that we noticed during the course of the year. Trends related to the food and beverage industry, within the economy, on social media, as well as within the tendency of growth within new developments. Noteworthy trends throughout this year are…

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Rooibos processing and packaging

The first growth of rooibos starts sprouting between the worked farmlands after the final of our various cuts, are processed. An exceptionally busy time on our farm allows for another consistent year of high-quality, delicious rooibos. Our next expected harvest is anticipated to be an incredibly vibrant, red haul due to the weather conditions from…

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