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Tea Trends for 2022

Tea Trends for 2022

“Last year, we saw tremendous pandemic-related shifts in grocery buying habits as the world adjusted to spending more time at home,” said Sonya Gafsi Oblisk, Chief Marketing Officer at Whole Foods Market.

“As the food industry slowly adjusts to a new normal, we expect to see consumers prioritize food and drink products that deliver additional benefits—like functional sodas and tonics— and products that support their sense of well-being, like urban garden greens and products grown with farming processes that help address soil health.”

As global buyers and experts from U.S.-based supermarket chain Whole Foods Market unveil their top 10 anticipated food trends for 2022, we are excited to see ingredients that have also proved popular in our rooibos tea blends, such as Hibiscus, Moringa, Turmeric and buzz-less spirits. Rooibos tea is an excellent vehicle to meet the demand for functional products that support greater well-being.

Hibiscus with its sweet, tart flavour and beautiful pink colour is a key ingredient in our Floral Berry Pyramid tea, our Cranberry Hibiscus Cold Brew tea and even in our Floral Berry Gin.

Moringa often called the “miracle tree”, is traditionally used as a herbal remedy in India, Africa and beyond. Our latest moringa products include a functional Meno tea and a Green Rooibos Powder with echinacea, baobab and moringa that is ideal for smoothies, a perfect daily dose of immune-boosting superfoods.

Turmeric, aka “the golden spice” has been used for centuries in Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine. It is an essential ingredient in many of our teas as found in our popular Focus and Citrus Chai teas and our most recent Rooibos Powder with Collagen And Turmeric.

Lastly, in line with the buzz-less spirits trend, we are having continued success with a range of mocktails introduced during the pandemic. For more information read here.