Lighting a Fire!

Fire and Braai Themed Birthday Party

As I was scrolling through Facebook when I came across these cute pictures of a Fire themed Birthday Party form my friend Mandie’s little boy’s birthday. What a perfect theme for Heritage Day or better known as Braai day!

I have known Mandie since University days and have always been so impressed with her immaculate taste in things. Clothing, decor, hair you name it -she has an eye for gorgeous things.

AJ, her little gentle man, is the apple of her eye and when she speaks of him she lights up. She is a terrific momma who loves cuddles with her husband and AJ (in the mornings) and cats!

AJ loves fires and so Mandie created this funky Fire and Braai Themed party for him. (Perfect for having a birthday close to Braai day!)

Thank you Mandie for letting me display your beautiful family and creative birthday party!!

Mandie and Her beautiful family


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