Rooibos Tea Facts & Benefits:

A: Rooibos tea is naturally caffeine-free because the plant itself contains no caffeine.

A: Green Rooibos are found to be higher in antioxidants, as some of the antioxidants in Rooibos tea are lost during the fermentation process.


  • Hydrating
  • High in antioxidants which are anti-aging and beneficial to the immune system – green rooibos is even higher
  • Kilojoule free, contains no sugar or carbohydrates
  • Low in tannins
  • Preservative free
  • Anti-spasmodic, alleviates colic and stomach cramps in babies
  • Alleviates allergies like asthma and hay fever
  • Soothing effect on skin, relieving itching and certain skin irritation s like eczema, nappy rash, and acne
  • Helps relive sunburn when applies to the skin and prevents long terms permanent skin damages
  • Cancer-fighting properties
  • Assist in a good night’s rest
  • Helps maintain blood sugar levels (especially green rooibos) and aids in preventing diabetes 2

A: Normal green tea contains caffeine, whereas green rooibos naturally contains no caffeine and has similar anti-oxidant levels to normal green tea.

A: Our Focus tea contains Cinnamon and Ginger which are ideal for blood pressure related concerns. We do suggest speaking to your GP if you have any concerns about drinking teas or herbal infusions.

A: Our Cleanse tea is the perfect tea for cleansing and detoxifying.

A: Our Teatox Combo is a great start. The Energise tea has Hoodia in the blend which curbs appetite, and the Cleanse tea contains Senna which is a mild laxative. Your body will determine how many cups you need to get your system going. Start with a cup or two in the evening and increase as required. Also try our Rescue, a blend of Rooibos and Buchu.

Pregnant Women:

A: Try our Mamma Tea Morning, as it is specially formulated to ease your morning sickness. Note: only consume this during your first trimester.

A: Mamma Tea Woman’s Support assists in preparing your body for labor when pregnant. Formulated to support the female reproductive system. It also eases painful menstrual cramps, stress, and mood fluctuations. Note: we recommend that you only consume this during your third trimester, not earlier.

A: While Rooibos is generally thought of as a good alternative to caffeinated teas during pregnancy, we do suggest speaking to your GP or midwife if you have any concerns about drinking teas or herbal infusions during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

A: Try our Mamma Tea Nursing specially formulated with fenugreek, fennel, and aniseed to increase milk production in breastfeeding mothers. Fennel is also antiseptic and helps with digestion.


A: Rooibos is suitable for babies from 6 months and older. Try our Kiddies Range: Organic Rooibos, Sleepy Time (a great relaxing tea before bedtime), Happy Tummy (helps to relieve constipation), Very Berry, Banana Choc.

A: Rooibos generally helps with appetite issues, so any of our flavoured kiddies’ teas should be perfect for your toddler. We recommend the Very Berry and Banana Choc teas.


A: Standard pillow teabag – Non-plastic filter paper (Fibre+). Pyramid teabags – non-plastic PLA (polylactic acid) comprised from plant materials. OR Bioweb – non-plastic filter paper (as seen with our new Cold Brew range). Our teabags are only industrially compostable and biodegradable.

Cold Brew:

A: We used flavour granules specially developed for cold water application, ensuring that extra pop of flavour


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