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Baby Names? Part 1

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What should I name our baby?

Naming your baby is a BIG thing. No, it is HUGE, and every parent has their own strategy and philosophy.
Family names, celebrity names, people that have inspired you, Biblical names and names with a desired meaning…
It can be stressful to find the perfect name and unfortunately pressure from all sides (family, friends and sometimes even strangers!)can be expected.

{I remember being pregnant with Marguerite and strangers asking what her name will be. Upon hearing her name they would respond with a disappointed “Oh…” frowning. I use to get a little mad, but now I can only smile knowing I have chosen the perfect name for our little one.}

Maybe you can deal with parents, family and friends all giving their preferred names, but what do you do if you and your partner can’t agree on a name?
Suddenly your somewhat peaceful (remember those pregnancy hormones) household has turned into the last round of a debate championship!

Here are a few steps ,I hope will help, find that perfect name for your little one:


1. Keep Calm. Get a save word like “PAUSE” to take a 10 minute break and come back to the problem.
2. Keep each others best interrest at heart.
3. Listen to your partner. Really listen.


1. Determine your baby name philosophy. Ask question such as
What is important to me in a baby name? Why is it important to me? Do I like family/celebrity/Biblical/meaning names and why? What does my husband/wife/partner like and why? Have an open discussion about priorities and LISTEN to each other.

2. Start collecting names. Each partner can assemble their own individual list. Choose a top 15 from the list.

The next steps should only be taken if you are both relaxed and open for suggestions. Remember to keep each others priorities and feelings in mind.

3. Start process of elimination. Each partner can have 5 x Veto’s (NO!) , 5 x Maybe’s, 5 x Yes.

4. Throw out the Veto’s and follow step 3 with the remaining 10. 2 x Veto, 4 x Maybe, 4 x Yes.

5. Throw out the Veto’s and follow step 3 with the remaining 8. 2 x Veto, 3 x Maybe, 3x Yes.

6.Throw out the Veto’s and follow step 3 with the remaining 6. 2 x Veto, 2 x Maybe, 2 x Yes.

7.Throw out the Veto’s and follow step 3 with the remaining 4. 2 x Veto, 1 x Maybe, 1 x Yes.

8. You will have 2 names left. If no compromise can be reached ask friends/family to do a name poll or do a draw from a hat.

Remember a baby’s name is very important and WILL follow them their entire life.

Be kind.

Be timeless.