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Back to basics with Carmien Tea, Rooted Natural and Pure Beginnings


Having a new baby in the house, can be as challenging as it is wonderful, especially with the amount of information that is available out there. Which advice should you really be following? Together with Rooted Natural and Pure Beginnings, we’ve compiled some top tips for new mommies to help with basics like feeding and skincare.

Introduction of solids or complimentary feeding

Whatever you call it, it is additional to infant breast milk feeds (and/or formula milk feeds) from the 4 to 6 months period up to a year of age. There are no definitive guidelines regarding fluid intake during this stage of development just a few #Back2Basic tips:

Solids introduce fiber into a child’s daily intake and for the gut to metabolise this appropriately, we need adequate fluid. As the days turn warmer in summer and you are not breastfeeding on demand anymore extra fluid is required to ensure a happy healthy digestive system.

  1. Water is the go-to, boiled, cooled down and unsweetened.
  2. Avoid sugar-containing beverages and fruit juices.
  3. When solids are established and you have a happy eater, additional fluids such as Rooibos tea can be introduced – this adds flavour and antioxidant benefits to your little one’s daily intake. Serve unsweetened, avoid adding honey or sugar to this beverage, but rather add your baby’s milk to the tea beverage.
  4. Give water & tea in a different cup or bottle than the one used for feeds, to form an early association and differentiation with extra fluid intake.

VERY IMPORTANT: No more than one cup a day of additional fluids AND serve in-between milk and food meals, not together otherwise this will influence your baby’s nutritional adequacy, absorption, and intake.

Rooibos & Babies

As we’ve mentioned above, you can start adding Rooibos to your baby’s feeding routine from the age of 6 months old. Some of the benefits of rooibos tea includes:

  • Rooibos is anti-spasmodic, helping to alleviate colic and stomach cramps.
  • The anti-allergic properties of rooibos relieve skin irritations such as eczema, nappy rash, and acne.
  • Rooibos is excellent for hyperactive children and at the same time relieves insomnia as it contains no caffeine.
  • Rooibos tea is a good source of vitamins and minerals. It can be used as a natural supplement as it contains calcium, magnesium and fluoride which are essential for the development of strong teeth and bones. The minerals build healthy strong blood vessels, aid digestion, and prevent tooth decay.

Carmién Tea has a range of specially formulated kiddies’ teas that are as delicious as they are functional.

Understanding Baby’s Skin

In order to make good skin care choices for your baby, it is important to understand that there are differences between adult and baby skin. Baby skin is underdeveloped and delicate and cannot yet perform all the functions mentioned above. Young skin is more vulnerable to damage and needs to be treated with extra special care.

Here are the key differences between baby and adult skin:

  • Baby skin is less able to retain moisture: Use a moisturiser with a natural vegetable oil base rather than a petroleum derived moisturiser base, as these have no nutritional value for the skin. Pure Beginnings uses natural oils like almond, avocado, marula, and olive, as they contain many NMF’s that supplement and nourish the skin and improve moisturisation.
  • Baby skin is more vulnerable to sun damage: Be sun smart! Avoid exposure to the sun in the middle of the day and wear clothing and hats that protect the skin. Studies conducted on the use of sunscreens on infants show that their skin is not developed enough to properly absorb and distribute the chemicals used in most sunscreens. Based on this, we recommend avoiding the use of sunscreen in the first 6 months of life, and to rely instead on protective clothing. After this, choose a sun cream like the Pure Beginnings Sensitive Sun Cream which uses non-nano mineral filters like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to block UV rays.
  • Baby skin is more permeable: Read the ingredient list on the products you buy for your baby and avoid anything that contains any of the following ingredients: parabens, petrochemicals, propylene glycol, mineral oils, harsh foaming agents such as sodium lauryl sulphate, silicone, phthalates, triclosan, methylisothiazolinone (MI), EDTA, DEA, TEA or PEGs. If this baffles your mind, simply choose certified organic products like Pure Beginnings, as they are guaranteed not to contain any of the nasty ingredients listed above.
  • Baby skin is more susceptible to irritations: To help prevent irritations, choose products that do not disrupt the natural pH of the skin. Many skin care products are alkaline in pH, and the worst culprits are conventional bubble baths and the common soap bar, which can have a pH as high as 9. Pure Beginnings skincare products are correctly pH balanced for healthy skin and allow the skin’s protective barrier to function optimally.
  • Baby skin is less able to regulate temperature: It is important to manage the factors that can affect your baby’s body temperature. Use breathable layers of clothing to help regulate temperature for them. Ventilate and cool their body if it is overheated, especially if your baby suffers from a rash that may have been triggered by heat. Use moisturisers with a vegetable oil base which will allow the skin to breathe as nature intended. Petroleum based products block pores and prevent the skin from breathing adequately.

You can find information on a wide variety of topics on both the Rooted Natural and Pure Beginnings blogs and shop their incredible products while you’re there.

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