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Carmién Kiddies Rooibos Teas

There are few things more precious to a parent than a child, especially a healthy child and this is where the South African miracle plant, Rooibos is key. Rooibos tea has been used by mothers for centuries to relieve colic and stomach cramps and as a calming drink for hyperactive children. It is suitable for children from 6 months old and an excellent, healthy alternative to sugary, fizzy drinks. Serving options are multiple as rooibos can be enjoyed hot (at a suitable temperature for children), as a refreshing ice tea, as ice lollies or even just steeped in cold water.

Our flavoured Carmién Cold Brew teas are perfect for children, simply pop a teabag in a water bottle and off they go. They are deliciously refreshing, well balanced, sweet-tasting blends of rooibos and granulated flavours with finely cut dried fruit pieces. This results in a quick brew, colourful cup infusion and release of bold flavours. No sugar is added, only natural Stevia leaf, making the cold brew a much healthier option. A great option for their lunchboxes.

The Carmién Kiddies rooibos teas are organically grown, free of pesticides. Rooibos is nature’s perfect drink for kiddies and babies as it is caffeine-free and sweet tasting with no added sugar. The kiddies range offers natural Carmién Organic Rooibos, two functional blends specifically targeted to common wellness issues and two flavoured teas.

Carmién Sleepy Time adds to the natural calming effect of rooibos with the addition of camomile, hibiscus and rosehip, all working together to calm the nervous system. Delicious natural strawberry flavouring makes it a top favourite at bedtime.

Carmién Happy Tummy with its crisp apple flavour brings relief to mom and baby as it helps to ease the constipation struggle. A special blend of rooibos, relaxing camomile, ground flaxseed and fennel help to improve digestion and ease bloating.

Our 100% naturally flavoured rooibos teas are Carmién Banana Choc with banana and chocolate flavouring and Carmién Very Berry with blackcurrant and strawberry which is every mom’s go-to tea for iced teas and lollies.

Below is an easy iced tea recipe using any of the above kiddies teas.

Hot Brew Iced Tea

  • 6 teabags of your choice in a jug
  • 750 ml boiling wat
  • Steep for 1 hour – for stronger infusion steep overnight and/or add extra teabags
  • Remove tea bags and chill
  • Optional: Add 200 ml or more fruit juice if a sweeter ice tea is preferred. Serve with ice.