Carmién Minty-Cherry Rooibos Lollies!

(ps. It’s sugar free!)


Ingredients list:

1. Carmién Cherry Orange Rooibos tea  – 4-6 bags ( you can buy it here )

2. Pitted Cherries – 1/2 cup

3. Boiling water – 250ml

3. Stevia (optional) to taste

Steep the Carmién Cherry Orange Rooibos in 250ml of boiling water an let it cool down.

Tip: Do not remove the bags from the water. You want a very strong infusion. Ps. Don’t worry the tea will not go bitter

Once tea has cooled blend all ingredients together.

Add Stevia to taste (Optional)

Pour mixture through a sieve. (If you prefer a more textured mixture skip this step)

Fill your lolly mould as per mould instruction and freez over night.

(I have used the ZUKO Fish Slow Pop Freezer Mould. You can buy it here )

Pop out of freezer and enjoy your fresh Carmién Minty-Cherry lollies!

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