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Carmién Rooibos Gin

Carmién Rooibos Gin

Who would have thought that gin would be having an influence on tea sales? Our Carmién gins have been going from strength to strength and with them our rooibos teas. Why teas you may ask?

Well, we have come up with our own unique G & Tea experience that has been wooing gin lovers for the past few years now without a day’s dip in popularity.

Why not enjoy our Carmién G & Tea experience at home? Simply pick your favourite gin from our two rooibos distilled craft gins, Carmién Floral Berry Rooibos Gin or Carmién Citrus Chai Rooibos Gin and follow these steps:

Floral Berry G &Tea:

Pop a Floral Berry teabag into a gin glass, add some dried hibiscus (optional), a tot of gin, a slice or two of lemon, some ice and top with tonic. Give it a good swirl and garnish with either dried rose petals, a sprig of rosemary, or malva (all optional).

Our light Floral Berry gin has a beautifully aromatic, sweet floral nose, with a classic, initial top note of juniper ending with a lingering berry flavour.

Citrus Chai G &Tea:

Add your Citrus Chai teabag to a gin glass, add dried star anise (optional), a tot of gin, a slice or two of orange, ice, and top with tonic. Swirl to mix and garnish with a gooseberry or two and a slice of dried orange (all optional).

As the tea bag infuses in the gin both colour and flavour will increase. Pure enjoyment.

Our Citrus Chai gin is a rich, spicy citrus & chai rooibos tea blend distilled into a unique gin that is intense and fragrantly spicy on the nose. A beautifully aromatic blend with a warm, lingering chai note.

Make your own G&Tea

Instead of spending more money on a fancy bottle of flavoured alcohol, make your own! Pour a tot of your favourite clear spirits like gin or vodka, add your favourite teabag and let it steep for about 15 minutes — that is it — and you’ll taste its complex, concentrated flavours. If you want more flavour, use more tea (rather than tacking on more time, which can lead to bitterness). If that is too much effort, get our rooibos distilled gin and add your teabag for extra flavour!

You can also book gin tastings and pairings at the Carmién Tea Shop at De Tol Farm DeliBook your tasting now: 067 410 3315 or shop the gins online here or at selected retailers – you can find the list of stockists on our website here.