Introducing the New Carmién Winter Warmers

The season is slowly turning as the nights are getting cooler and the sun is sleeping just a little longer in the mornings.
I must admit I absolutely LOVE winter time. Warm toddies, hot chocolate, wool booties, duvet cuddles,slurping thick soups and snuggly onesies for M. What a magical time.

With a growing belly (only 16 weeks to go till the birth of our baby boy) I am loving the new Carmién Winter Warmers. I always get really (really!)crazy cravings for something sweet when I am pregnant and the Cookies and Cream Rooibos is perfect to ease those cravings as it is completely sugar free and tastes like dessert in a cup.

I am not a coffee drinker myself, but know that coffee lovers really miss their coffee when pregnant! Carmién has created a perfect Vanilla Mocha Rooibos. It has a wonderful mocha flavour and is entirely caffeine free(make sure to buy the teabags and not the loose tea as this has some coffee beans which contains caffeine). Why not try it as a latte?

Feeling a bit more adventurous or need more of a kick? The Chili Ginger is the perfect adventure and will definitely surprise you!

My late grandmother loves the taste of dark chocolate and sweet orange. She always comments with “ What a perfect marriage” when she enjoys this treat. The first time I tasted the new Carmién Orange Choc I could not help but miss my nana. This is indeed the perfect marriage.

I hope that you love and enjoy these new flavours as much as I do.
Happy tasting (and falling in love with all the new flavours)


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