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Chai & Rooibos

Our rooibos teas are naturally functional due to the nourishing, enriching ingredient rooibos is on its own. Honouring tea rituals internationally, we found that an equally beneficial ingredient (or rather, ingredients) is chai!

What about chai tea is so enriching? Here are five health benefits when incorporating chai spices into a tea:

  • chai spices such as turmeric, black pepper, cinnamon, cardamom and ginger are used to help alleviate arthritis complications
  • these spices improve cardiovascular health and the function of one’s heart
  • improves overall circulation through the body
  • turmeric alleviates inflammation and flushes the body of congested toxins
  • rooibos as well as chai spices work together to alleviate blood sugar levels

Our Wellness range incorporates turmeric and chai spices with added benefits of caffeine- and kilojoule-free rooibos to make a functional, herbal blend. This allowed for our Focus tea to be a fantastic seller not only in South African markets, but internationally – as this rooibos received a Gourmet Agency for Valorization of Agricultural Products Award (AVPA Award) for its innovation and taste.

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