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Create your own Carmién Rooibos Blend!

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Create your Own Carmién Blend

We are all unique and different. Some like it sweet, some like it sour or with a touch of spice. Some like it robust served in a mug and some like it delicately served in fine bone china.

We all are unique and different and now you can Create Your Own Carmien Blend.

What?! How?

Step 1: Pick a Carmién Basic Blend
Step 2: Add some active ingredients of your choice (Fennel, Aniseed etc)
Step 3: Beautify! Choose from a variety of flowers to add to your perfect blend.
Step 4: Think of a Stunning, Attention grabbing, Shout-it-ou-loud name for your blend
Step 5: Go home and watch your delicious blend steep in one of our Carmién Glass tea pots!
Step 6: Drink and ahhhhh – experience BLISS!

But Where?

Carmién Offices – Northgate Estate, Unit 32, Cape Town
Willowbridge Market Saturdays
The Lovely Grapevine – 32 Voortrekker Street, Citrusdal

For more info mail me at info@carmienkiddies.co.za

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