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Happy Human Rights Day!

With the upcoming Human Rights day, we thought it best to share the caring work that we put back into our community through the Mouton Foundation. The Mouton Foundation is a philanthropic, active shareholder and upliftment arm within the Carmién Tea and Mouton Citrus operations.

Many of the Mouton Foundation’s initiatives were put together in hopes to inspire the growth and emphasize impact of education amongst the youth, especially within the scope of insular themes amongst Afrikaans-speaking communities such as mental health, reproductive health, physical health awareness, and proactive youth engagement in their own futures.

The most recent development has been the careful planning and preeparation for the vacation program of our primary school attendees at De Meul. The school vacation will entail an exciting 4-day program for daily activities, with an upskilling youth-work course for the afterschool care facilitators, with a ‘Kom Ons Praat’-seminar during which an open community discussion will be hosted.

We look forward to seeing the reward of joy for our primary school attendees, for whom we continue to work for a better future.