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How to host the ultimate tea pairing experience at home

While many of us are familiar with the basics of wine pairing i.e., white wine goes with fish and red wine with steak, the same cannot be said for tea pairing. Pairing tea with food presents your palate with a new depth of taste brought about by a specific tea, allowing you to experience enhanced flavours through the complementary elements of various ingredients.


  • Carmién Glass Teapots for each blend you’ll be tasting.
  • Carmién double wall glass cup for each guest.
  • The perfect setting – this could be a comfy lounge, a beautifully set dining table, or an outdoorsy feasting table.

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Build your own unique pairing with these easy-to-follow guidelines put together by tea specialist, Jessica Bonin.

  • Rooibos & Camomile (Carmién Relax or Orange Camomile) has a woody, creamy and peachy taste with honey-floral undertones, which complements anything fruity or sweet, such as scones or shortbread.
    Optional wine pairing: add the Piekenierskloof Grenache Blanc or Chenin Blanc.
  • The earthy flavour of Green Rooibos (Carmién Creamy Mint or Green Earl Grey) complements savoury sandwiches and meat dishes, such as roast lamb or beef.
    Optional wine pairing: Piekenierskloof Grenache Noir or Tannat.
  • The mellow and tangy mouthfeel of Rooibos & Ginger (Carmién Revive or Restore) adds balance to curry, spicy foods, or strong cheese.
    Optional wine pairing: Piekenierskloof Heirloom Red or Cabernet Sauvignon.
  • Rooibos & Vanilla (Carmién Creamy Vanilla) pairs beautifully with sponge cakes, custard, and sweet tarts.
  • The velvety, dusty sweetness of Rooibos & Cinnamon (Carmién Focus or Citrus Chai) makes it ideal for breakfast time with croissants or scones.
  • The mildly astringent taste of Rooibos & Buchu (Carmién Rescue) matches well with fruit, such as peaches, apples, citrus, prunes, blackcurrant, pineapple, and meat dishes. It also goes well with heavy meals.
    Optional wine pairing: Piekenierskloof Heirloom Red or Cabernet Sauvignon.
  • Rooibos & Mint (Carmién Creamy Mint or Refresh) is a palate cleanser and acts as a digestive. It is drunk after heavy and rich meals or in-between courses.
  • The bold flavours and rich aroma of Rooibos Chai (Carmién Focus or Citrus Chai) makes it ideal with anything chocolaty – think dark chocolate, chocolate mousse, chocolate fondant and even works well in meat marinades. It’s also delicious with brie spread on a toasted baguette.
    Optional wine pairing: Piekenierskloof Heirloom Red or Cabernet Sauvignon.
  • Rooibos & Lemon (Carmién Boost) adds a slightly astringent note with a crisp aftertaste that complements honey and ginger.
  • The luscious syrupy and juicy taste of Rooibos & Berry (Carmién Floral Berry) is always a winner with figs, lavender and even gin!
    Optional: make it a G&Tea by adding a Carmién Floral Berry teabag to our Carmién Floral Berry Gin, and finish with your choice of mixer and garnish!



Step 1: Make a pot of each tea using 1 teabag per 250ml hot water (use 3 teabags per glass teapot).

Step 2: Best serving temperature of approx. 60⁰ is important as the taste of the tea is more pronounced at this temperature. To reach the best serving temperature, prepare the tea 30 minutes to an hour before the time. To keep the tea at this temperature until your guests arrive and throughout the tasting, use our glass burner with a high-quality tealight candle.
Tip: Once the tea is at the right temperature and the candle is lit, the tea can stand for hours on the burner and candle and will only increase in flavor. Very convenient to serve guests at any time of arrival.

Step 3: Ensure each person tasting, has a cup and a plate and serviette for snacks and food.

Step 4: Pour each person a cup of the first tea. Smell the aroma. Now take a sip, then a bite of the first snack or meal, and another sip. Repeat this process until you have tasted all the teas and snacks/meals. Sip. Bite. Sip.

Step 5: To make it even more interesting, the perfect wine can be added to the tea and food pairing. The rooibos tea serves as a pallet cleanser and with the right combination, you will experience a burst of flavour while enjoying your food. If you’re adding wines – take a sip of tea, a bite of food, a sip of wine, followed by a sip of tea again or vice versa, and notice the different flavors becoming more pronounced.

Tasting guideline: Let your palate guide you. Become aware of the taste sensations. Notice how the tea brings out the flavours.

For a convenient option, try our Carmién Tea and Nibble Pairing Box or download our pairing sheets below:


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