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i am mama

a interview with Lize de Jongh the creator of i am mama

I love to meet people who are living their dream. They are always such an inspiration and that is exactly what describes Lize de Jongh the creator and founder of ‘i am mama’.

When I was breastfeeding (which was till very recently!) finding quality and fashionable nursing clothing felt like searching for a needle in a haystack! The ‘i am mama’ range is the perfect solution to this problem and so today I bring you the needle from the haystack so that you don’t have to search, but can shop in peace (and online *sigh of relieve*) with a cup of Carmién tea in your hand.

I can see Lize’s attention to detail, passion and love for her brand in every piece of clothing. The clothing is well designed and the fabrics o -so -soft!
(Ps. I must confess I recently bought two of her fold over tops just because I loved it so much and pss… I am not pregnant or breastfeeding!!)

What is i am mama and who is the brain behind this label?

I am mama is a brand with a natural approach to mamahood and life. It exists for a combination of reasons. It is a blog where I share my ever humbling mamahood journey, it is a mama wear range, a Facebook page sharing inspiring and empowering stories about birth, nursing and feeding. It has also more recently become a platform sharing my sister’s very healthy recipes for the whole family.

Every company has story of how they started. Tell us your story.

Well for 10 years I dreamt of my own mama wear range, but for a very long time I was too scared to even tell anyone about it. After I became a mother the dream popped up again! The timing was perfect and being a breastfeeding mama myself I needed nursing friendly clothing. I could no longer ignore the dream in my heart and launched the clothing line and website within 2 months!

Where does the name come from?

I played around with names and then a friend of mine (a guy!) suggested I am mama. I absolutely loved it as it is the perfect name for what the brand represents.

Who designs your clothing?

I design all the items myself and then I have a fashion designer friend who helps bring my ideas to life.

What inspires these designs?

The inspiration mostly comes from my own pregnancy and nursing needs and the shortage I experience in the market. I make clothing which allows me to dress up, but is still practical to breastfeed in public without it looking like nursing wear. If a few other mamas like it too, well then that is the bonus!

Can we expect something special for summer 2015?

Yes! I will keep some of the classic designs that formed part of the winter range, but will be adding new fabrics, floor length summer dresses, tank tops etc. The summer range will be launched at the Lilliput Market in Stellenbosch on the 5th of October. I am very excited!

Visit i am mama here

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Disclaimer: I receive no compensation for this post and share this for the love of good clothing and claiming back well dressed mamas! Because we deserve to look fabulous even while breastfeeding or sporting a belly!


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