Lips Oh Glorious Lips!

I don’t wear lipstick. I do not like the fact that is goes everywhere when you are not being super careful. Clothes, skin, husbands gorgeous pucker and even baby’s silky soft cheeks.

BUT … We had a BIG family wedding a few weeks back and wanting to look super fabulous I had to wear some lipstick (because I must admit that ruby reds lips makes anyone feel Vavavoom!)

So I tried Super Stay 24 from Maybeline and I am sold!

It goes on smooth then it turns sticky a few seconds after application, but when it has dried it STICKS! As all long lasting lipsticks it dries the lips a little so be sure to keep hydrating those lips (Lip-Ice included in stick).

I tried the 480 – Tangerine Pop and the 475 Hot Coral


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