Introducing Babalo, Maya and Max!

Babalo: Hi freinds. My name is Babablo. I come from the beautiful Elephants River valley right in the heart of the Cederberg. I live with my umhamkhulu (grandmother) in an old Cedertree next to a Carmién rooibos field. We are the last two elephants in the Elephants River Valley. My best friends are Max and Maya who also live in these fields. Together, we as the Carmién family are the guards and protectors of the rooibos.m
But we have a secret…We all have super powers that help us protect and prepare the best Carmién Rooibos just for you! So without further delay let me introduce you to Maya, Max and their super powers!
First we have Maya. Maya is the world’s best tea taster. She creates the most wonderful tea combinations. My umhamkhulu says Maya has a magical touch and that is how she creates these enchanting teas. you can taste her new Sleepy Time Tea.
Then there is Max. Max’s super power is his eyes. He sees everything even from way up in the sky. He helps the Carmién farmers protect the rooibos bushes from any enemies like the Midges Gang-they might be tiny, but they are real trouble makers!
My /Babalo’s super power is his/my brain! He is very clever and remembers almost everything! He always has a plan and a solution for every problem.

Follow Babalo, Maya and Max on their adventure of picking, drying, tasting and protecting the rooibos fields.
…and maybe Umhamkhulu might just share some secret family rooibos recipes with you…