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Mike Teke: inspiring, innovating, and imparting the value of empathy into leadership.

On the 3rd of October 2023, an astonishing accolade was awarded to the formidable businessman and professor, Michael Teke. Countless titles and adjectives may describe the ingenuity of Mr. Teke, but we feel his award sums it up perfectly:

Exceptional Leadership in the South African Mining Industry Since Democracy’

One reaps the benefits of hard work sewn in the past – which especially rings true for the successes of Mike Teke. In short – a businessman that inspires, innovates, and imparts the value of empathy into leadership.

Michael Teke is by no means as he states, ‘Just a boy from Kwa-Thema’. On the contrary – he was a son born into a family wherein he chose to build his own future instead of flail due to frigid socio-economic circumstances. Now, he is an accoladed man with numerous triumphs within his various business feats, the most recent being the induction to the SA Mining Hall of Fame.  His approach to sustainable perpetuation of mining practices, paired with his expertise in nurturing a wholesome work environment drives its results in terms of incredible performance. Which influences the heart and thrum of activity within our own practices at Carmién, as Teke’s involvement as benefactor within the industrious Masimong Agricultural Foundation drives own fortuity – amongst ourselves, and our numerous shareholders at Bergendal through Mouton Holdings.

With qualities that reinvent the sheer meaning of ‘leadership’ as early on within his childhood, we continually remain impressed with Teke’s intuitive, mindful approach to esteemed positions in leadership. His induction to the SA Hall of Fame is no small feat, as the prestigious accolade is shared with only 16 members that have reached the utmost successes in their careers.

From all corners, nooks, and crannies at our farm – we applaud you, Michael Teke, and all of the fortune that you squarely deserve!