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Tea with a difference

Carmien tea has gone cold. Ice cold in fact. Why? Enter CARMIÉN ICE TEA! With a difference…A unique ALL NATURAL ice tea. No sugar. No calories. No caffeine. 100% natural ingredients. No preservatives. Refreshing, hydrating, pure deliciousness. Hot brewed for extra taste and flavor. Now in Four Great Flavours. Ideal for the whole family, kids […]

Carmien Recycle Project Continues

From natural waste to recycled gift cards. From gift box to recipe booklet. We waste nothing. You may have purchased one of our gift boxes and not given a thought to what happens to the piece that gets cut out to give you that beautiful display window. Well, we have, and the end result is […]

Winning with Teatox

Will I feel better? “Your first awareness will be an increased sense of wellbeing, more energy, reduced bloating and headaches and the increased hydration, combined with a healthier eating lifestyle, will eventually lead to better looking skin. You may experience weight loss too…” Towards the latter part of last year we launched our Carmién Teatox […]

News from the farm

When does gratitude supersede expectation? When we still have a harvest, albeit 30% less than expectation. When we still have water, albeit less than we require. When we can still fill our orders , even if it is on our knees most of the time. And, when we know that what goes down, must come […]