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How to use the Carmién Rooibos Pods

3 Ways with Masala Chai & Turmeric

1. Masala Chai with added Turmeric 2. Hot Masala Chai Latte with added Turmeric 3. Cold Masala Chai Latte with added Turmeric

Turmeric, the new superfood in town

Several studies have indicated the benefits of Turmeric. These benefits include it being: powerful antioxidant mood booster immune booster hangover remedy Turmeric is a member of the ginger family and originates from Southern India. This region is still the world’s largest producer. Because of many speculations about the solubility of Turmeric in water and absorption in the […]

News from the farm

The Rooibos harvest for 2017 had a rapid start with good overall quality. Typical hot summer days with an average of 35⁰ C, ensured that the tea could dry quickly. Many rooibos producers attempted to harvest the bushes before it started loosing too many leaves due to the very dry summer. This has resulted in harvesting ending sooner. Now we are looking forward […]