Nikon Supports Love Alda

We at Carmién Kiddies are bursting with pride as our Birth Photographer of Choice  – Love Alda – has recently been chosen by Nikon to support her unique story and passion. Well done Alda!

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Nikon, one of the largest and most respected photography brands in the world, is known for its investment in and support of professional, passionate and dedicated artists and storytellers. The brand is committed to empower and educate and is well represented by world-class photographers, who inspire a new generation of artists across various genres. In view of the above, Nikon South Africa’s recent decision to support Birth Photographer & Mentor Alda Smith, from Love Alda, is not only a huge honor, but it also bodes well for the unique and developing art that is birth photography.

“Alda’s devotion and passion for birth photography is truly inspiring. We at Nikon in South Africa are proud to be associated with her and contribute to the development of such a unique segment in the photographic industry,” says Chantal Hauptfleisch, Head of Marketing at Nikon in South Africa.

“Alda’s birth photography is up there with the best international work and she portrays it with her signature intimate style. One can clearly see Alda has an affinity with people through her beautiful portraiture and she has a masterful understanding of natural light,” says Dr. Mark van der Wal, an avid Nikon supporter and past time birth photographer. “Her commitment as chair of the South African Birth Photographers Association, to promote and protect this relatively new genre of photography, is inspiring as she is a firm believer in the inherent value of her and her colleagues’ work,” he continues.

“As a mother of three I have such a passion for capturing these once in a lifetime moments for parents and I think that to be able to show a child the story of how he / she came into this life is an incredible gift to a parent, but also to that child one day,” says Alda Smith. “I truly believe that those first memories & stories of love and connection are the most treasured heirloom we can give our children, but that a birth photographer should understand how to hold the birth space for a mother (and her birth partner). Working in association with Nikon will only strengthen efforts to educate and have a positive impact on the market,” she says. “It’s a wonderful development for birth photography – locally and globally.”

When she is not busy capturing birth journeys for her clients, Alda can be found mentoring not only clients but also birth photographers and professionals. For more on Alda’s work visit For Nikon-related question go to


A personal thank you from Alda:

We are all carried on the wings of love, support and friendship. I would therefore like to thank the following ‘wings’ for your continues support and love:

The Artist of Artist

My husband, Johann

My mom, Bea, sister Lize and brother Chris

My friend and birth (ninja) buddy, Marysol Blomerus

Dr. Mark van der Wal (a birth photographer cheer leader if ever there was one!)

All the beautiful mamas who invited me into their sacred birth spaces and continue to do so

Lyndsay and the International Birth Photographers Community

All the amazing birth (and other) professionals, midwives, doctors and nurses out there who saw the beauty and importance of birth stories when I first approached them and continue to support and protect the the professional integration of medicine, birth and the arts (Lana, Mirinda, Ina, Jeanne, Sandy, Jacky, Harriet, Marie, Elmarie etc. – you all know who you are!)