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Rainforest Alliance & Rooibos

The Rainforest Alliance certificate carries a lot of weight in the Food & Beverage industry. It has become an international insignia of sustainability, due to the initiatives centered round the mascot – a rare, red-eyed tree frog which is native to a protected region within the Rainforest Alliance. The Rainforest Alliance (from hereon referred to as RA) is a global incentive to track the traceability of a brand’s friendliness to the following:

  • Human Rights
  • Climate friendliness
  • Forest kindness
  • Livelihood empowerment

The relationship between our RA certificate and rooibos is within our farming practices, and products. From start to finish, our certificate recognizes us as a sustainable business. We substantiate this with our goodness pillars and regular auditing of processes, products, and our factory. Seeing as rooibos is also a protected plant species (Aspalathis linearis), we ensure that the highest grade of the following themes can be traced back to the heart of the Cederberg, where our farmlands are based:

  • Flavour goodness
  • Social goodness
  • Environmental goodness
  • Health goodness

Our rooibos-producing farm receives regular visits for quality control to ensure that the quality we deliver, always exceeds the expectations of our customers. To ensure that we delivery only the highest quality, we have a designated quality control team. This team measures and grades the quality of our producer’s rooibos according to strict regulations to ensure a product that we are happy with, and to comply our client needs. In addition to this, our recipes undergo a tasting and grading protocol in accordance to a rooibos flavour wheel.

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