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Rooibos processing and packaging

The first growth of rooibos starts sprouting between the worked farmlands after the final of our various cuts, are processed. An exceptionally busy time on our farm allows for another consistent year of high-quality, delicious rooibos.

Our next expected harvest is anticipated to be an incredibly vibrant, red haul due to the weather conditions from this past winter according to one of our diligent farm team members.

Additionally – the mechanical fanatics will find deep satisfaction in the new machinery at our factory. We received a new pyramid teabag packing machine, which utilizes ultrasonic sealing and cutting technology for 90 teabags per minute, with keen precision for weight of raw material. Currently, we are packing a large quantity of our pillow teabags for our eager Japanese clients that wish to introduce a new normal of rooibos, which uses fibrous non-plastic filter paper. These machines achieve a whopping 500 teabags per minute, with three machines reaching roughly 2 tons per day.