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Rooibos & Skincare

An increased awareness of mental health issues and stress and anxiety from lockdowns have led to much greater attention being paid to self-care. Skincare trends are following general health trends in moving to an anti-inflammatory skincare routines that are better for our health and kinder to our skin.

Less is more as people realize that too many products do not deliver the claimed results. A universal shift towards ‘clean beauty’ that is science driven and eco-friendly includes the rise in at-home treatments and technology, from face masks, overnight rejuvenating treatments and natural hydration treatments to beauty edibles (in our case, drinkables).

We are talking Rooibos. South Africa’s hidden gem. Not only is it proven effective as a sunscreen but its abundance of polyphenol antioxidants gives it positive restorative powers as these substances have the ability to remove precancerous damaged cells and also block the onset of inflammation that can lead to the development of cancer.

30 years of scientific evidence backs up the healing benefits of rooibos as affordable, natural, gentle on the skin, eco-friendly and packed with antioxidants, which our skin craves. “Farm-to-face beauty is a category to watch and one which will certainly gain in popularity as more consumers are inspired by local ingredients.”

Many local and international beauty houses have incorporated Rooibos extracts in skin, hair and nailcare products, as well as make-up and even fragrances. Rooibos extracts contain concentrated plant ingredients that are packed with antioxidants and helps to prevent wrinkles, ageing and acne.

Beauty guru, Adele du Toit and spokesperson for the SA Rooibos Council (SARC) explains how Rooibos, in its purest form, can take your beauty regime to the next level:

1.  The high concentration of polyphenolic compounds (micronutrients) in Rooibos tea is what makes it so sought-after as a health and beauty enhancer. Polyphenols act as antioxidants that protect the body against inflammation. It neutralises harmful free radicals that would otherwise damage cells and cause premature ageing. Drinking Rooibos tea should form part of your daily beauty routine to ensure healthy and hydrated skin.

2.  It also contains an abundance of the enzyme, superoxide dismutase, which is an effective anti-ageing substance. As such, Rooibos reduces wrinkles and boosts the production of healthy skin cells. Pamper your skin with this easy Rooibos face mask or start with a vegan rooibos face scrub.

3.  The high flavonoid levels in Rooibos also helps to improve skin disorders like eczema. Its natural anti-inflammatory properties will help to soothe and relieve inflamed skin. Rooibos tea bags can be applied directly onto the affected skin for a few minutes. Bathing regularly or rinsing inflamed areas with the tea will provide a healing effect. Or, add cold Rooibos to a spray bottle and apply throughout the day or when discomfort is experienced.

4.  Inflammation is a major cause of acne and when your skin is damaged, it’s more vulnerable to bacteria which can aggravate acne. In addition to the tea’s anti-inflammatory response, it also contains antibacterial properties that will help fight acne. Drink it regularly and/or use it as a face rinse instead of water.

5.  The polyphenols or antioxidants in Rooibos tea also strengthens hair follicles and promotes shiny and soft hair. Rinse your hair at least once a week with a strong brew of cooled down Rooibos tea for glowing locks. This is also good for treating a dry, itchy, or irritated scalp.

6.  Tired and sensitive eyes can also be treated with lukewarm Rooibos. Place tea bags on eye lids or rinse the eyes gently with the tea.

7.  Rooibos is also hypoallergenic and is therefore ideal for people with sensitive skin.