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Rooibos sterilisation machinery

As to ensure all cogs of a machine function well, we can attribute the success from our company not only to our employees, but to the actual machines we use for processing and sterlising! We offer full traceability of our products, right down to the day it was processed. The rooibos product undergoes the following before it is ready for consumption:

  1. Blending silo This initial stage is where our producer’s rooibos are blended according to recipes following strict requirements, set out by our customer’s guidelines
  2. Vibrating sieve With this stage, a vibrational machine filters out rooibos and a fine round of powder is removed in this stage. This also contains a magnet which removes any and all metal contaminates that may occur in the tea
  3. Rolling sieve Large sticks and stems are removed from our tea blend as it passes through a drum-shaped machine. This drum is covered with a specifically made mesh, during which all unwanted sticks, stems, and large twigs are removed.
  4. Maxi sieve This machine is where high-quality, tea cut lengths/sizes are sifted. During this stage a superior grade of cuts are sifted out. There are bulk bags placed under these machines, from which the various certain cuts are gathered from designated channels.
  5. Indent sieve With this stage the fine rooibos needle shape cut size is removed from the superior grade cuts that was sifted at the Maxi sieve stage. This stage is crucial to ensure that no needles can poke through teabags, making for unpleasant tea experiences!

Even if these five steps sound simple, the care and attention that goes into our various further protocols are what makes this a labour-intensive process. With tasting and grading protocols as well as recipes that utilize every cut of rooibos (ensuring a near 0% waste of our rooibos during processing!), our factory is one iceberg and the machines are merely the tip. A small tip, but massive impact in greatness! For more info on our rooibos processing in detail, visit our Crop to Cup page.

We hope to remain the preferred rooibos in all households, for every stage of life. Have a look at our various products on our online store to see how we incorporate all types of rooibos during our rigorous stages of processing!