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#RooibosRecipe: Citrus Chai Old Fashioned

In celebration of Father’s Day on the 19th of June, we asked our team to come up with the perfect cocktail for dad – the ultimate Old Fashioned, the Carmién way.

First you’ll prepare a Citrus Chai Rooibos & Honey Syrup:

Now it’s time to make our Citrus Chai Old Fashioned Cocktail:

  • Ice
  • 50 ml Whiskey
  • 20 – 30 ml Rooibos & Honey Syrup
  • 1 Orange/Naartjie Slice + optional squeeze of juice
  • Start by adding ice to a tumbler glass.
  • Add your Whiskey, Rooibos & Honey Syrup and a squeeze of citrus juice, then mix everything gently.
  • Add the Orange/Naartjie slice into the glass to garnish.


  • To adjust the sweetness in the cocktail without compromising the Rooibos Chai flavour, simply add more/less honey in your syrup.
  • Optionally add extras such as Orange/Citrus Bitters (for a more traditional flavour) or a cinnamon stick for extra spice.