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Carmen Niehaus Lekker & Goed Cookbook


Lekker & Goed, Carmen Niehaus’ brand new cookbook, is jam-packed with recipes that not only taste delicious but are loaded with goodness too. The more than 105 recipes and extra recipe ideas are a conglomeration of nostalgic South African and family favorites and trendy modern dishes with a fresh and flavorsome Mediterranean twist. All the recipes are carefully selected and tested numerous times to be healthier, using wholesome, fresh, and unprocessed ingredients, especially making dishes to contain less sugar and fat. There is also a good variety of low carb, gluten-free and vegetarian recipes in the mix. Various sections or chapters contain recipes for meat, fish, eggs, dairy, grains, plant-based foods, vegetables, nuts and seeds and sweet treats.

This is not a diet book at all, but it kicks off with a section on healthy eating, having guidelines on how to build a balanced plate of food, including lots of nutritional information on from vegetables and fruit, carbohydrates, fiber and alternative flours to dairy, meat, plant-based foods, and the goodness of rooibos. Various dietary issues like the good and bad of sugar and healthy fats were discussed. A nutritionist has verified all nutritional facts. Each recipe has a tempting food picture to stimulate your taste buds. It’s also the perfect gift for family and friends!

As a special added extra, each book purchased through our website will be signed by Carmen.